Asking the Gilded Reverie Lenormand deck about the success of a trip.

I tend to read cards left to right each card expanding on the meaning preceding it.  I know many of you read the 5-card layout beginning with the central card as the focus or theme. The overall summaries should be similar either way.

A client will leave on a family vacation soon.  She wants to know if the trip will be successful as in no major problems during travel.


Where to begin? Ok, lets start with the Path card (middle card). Here we have choices and decisions. Of course there are choices in sightseeing etc.  There could be decisions involving many other things too.  Whatever preparation is needed it has already been done (key). The Book cards shows us that some things are yet to be revealed or unknown prior to actually arriving at the destination.  It’s always nice to see the Bouquet card ending a layout because it indicates an uplifting and pleasing energy.

The opening card Bear could be about money/finances. It is also a take charge kind of energy as well. It can represent a person in an authoritative position that holds the answers (key). It can suggest significant (bear) solutions (key)  to the choices (path) available.  I’ve always read the Bear card as strength or power but it is also about jealousy to some degree. Some of the older meanings indicate that one should not flaunt what they have achieved to avoid envy.  This could fit but it’s hard to say because they won’t know anyone at the destination. There are always envious people no matter where you go. The vacation in itself could have created envy. It’s like a person has always wanted to go to a particular destination and for whatever reason they can’t go, when their friends go it could cause a twinge of envy.

Something might come up at the beginning of the trip that will cause some powerful emotions (bear). It will lead to a satisfactory outcome (key). There could be situation that will cost more money than anticipated so it is paid.  Keep in mind the Key card could actually mean physical keys but the Mouse card should be near for it to mean lost keys.  

The Path card could involve issue with roads but I don’t get that feeling from the image on the card.  There will be discovery (book) of some sort not known at this time. 

The Bouquet card is all about things that make you smile unless of course if the Scythe card is beside it  that smile is wiped off your face pretty fast.  

There are no major situations revealing hardships. It looks like this trip will be successful but one should always be aware of the Book card. This doesn’t have to be bad. It can even mean things turn out better than anticipated.

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