Weep some more – Tarot 5 of Cups

I was inspired to write this post after reading the Tarot Ladys’ (Theresa Reed)  recent tweet on the 5 of Cups.

In the image below is the 5 of Cups from the Aquatic Tarot deck.  One of the great things about the Aquatic Tarot is that you can download the entire deck at the following LINK. Why did I chose this deck to illustrate my thoughts about the card? I will explain below.

More commonly the 5 of Cups shows 3 overturned cups and 2 upright cups. The Aquatic Tarot exhibits 3 overturned cups and 4 more. Two are at the left edge of card and 2 are on the lower right side. Also, there are only 2 upright cups. 

Now, before I go on let me explain that I am aware the bottom of the card is a reflection starting at the bottom of V of Cups name on the card.  So, in actuality there are 3 overturned cups and 2 upright BUT you see 9 cups in total.  The character in the card definitely is not experiencing wishes fulfilled. 

This brings me to one of the points (insights) I want to talk about and share.  The reflection of the overturned cups amplify the number of actual cups seen in the image and even the upright cups’ reflection looks upside down.  Follow me so far 🙂 .The person is not seeing the upright cups in their true position in his/her life.  There is an unclear perspective on what they should appreciate. 

The other point is that this card is associated with grief, sadness and disappointment. Most of us know this.  Is it possible the cups are overturned because there was too much grief, sadness and disappointment?  Maybe it’s about releasing those emotions as Theresa mentioned on her tweet. The cups were full at one time and now they are knocked over from the heavy emotional release. There was so much that the cups had to fall. The other part of the tweet which intrigued me was about acknowledging the pain you are feeling. When you acknowledge all that hurts it is part of healing. 

(I know this card all too well because it was the crossing card of the Celtic Cross layout when I asked about my mom’s sudden turn in health. She died shortly after that reading). When a person’s emotions are shattered for various reasons everything looks surreal. Every emotion is intense if you are able to feel.  On a personal note, I had shut down my grief at mom’s death to carry on taking care of my dad. I’m sure I was in shock. About a year after mom died I forced myself to discard her clothing. I treated each piece with respect and allowed myself to experience the memories…which made me weep. I acknowledged the pain I felt. This grief was separate from the pain I felt when dad died about 4 months after she did. I went to a dark place and dealt with my emotions. This black cloak stayed with me a long time which amplified the sadness I felt. The only bright side of this time in my life my grandson was born 6 weeks after dad died. Also, I used the Tarot cards as self-therapy. I asked the cards to tell me where am I am in my grieving process and what should I do to help myself. 

This card doesn’t just have to be about losing a loved one and in most cases it isn’t. It can be any situation. 

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