HOW to read the Lenormand 12-card Trigger layout when no Significator cards appears…

There are several shorter layouts you can use with the Lenormand cards. I happen to like the one I created. 🙂

Below is a demonstration on how to read the 12-card Trigger layout.  For an archive of posts on this topic click the following link ➡     HERE.   and    the original creation    ➡  HERE   

The first thing you should notice in the reading below is that no Significator cards showed up. Also, I did not pre-select a YOU card. My reason for this was to see what the cards decided to reveal insofar as a category or issue to consider. The cards can’t make you do anything. They can only suggest, indicate or provide clues. Prior to shuffle I set the time frame of one month for the SOON column whIch means that the IMMEDIATE column will probably be up to a few weeks maybe even days.

The only row that you read is the TRIGGER ROW.  The rest of the reading is read in COLUMNS. If your intuition tells you to combine cards side by side or diagonally then by all means follow your intuition. 

Question or No question: This reading did not have a question and if it did the YOU card should disclose the circumstances around it. 

YOU card- represents the theme of the reading. The cards used in this layout is a cropped version of the French Cartomancy deck.  This provides a small square deck of cards with no numbers or playing cards.  Many of you will know the Court cards associated with the cards and not so much the pips. If you get a strong feeling about a Court card during the process of reading this layout do include them in your findings. 

Here sits the PARK/GARDEN card and from the card we can determine that the focus is a social situation. It can involve public circumstances. There are several meanings to this card. It can mean networking or other artistic activities. Lots of times it suggests bringing something out into the open and dealing with it. 

TRIGGER ROW- these 4 cards provide you with an extended view of how the PARK/GARDEN card will play out. Read this row first but remember to scan or study all the columns prior to this analysis.

FISH+PARK+BOUQUET+KEY. We can deduct that a financial situation of the recent past is involved with the PARK card.  Many times the first two cards actually indicate a banking situation. It can be something simple as buying tickets or paying for an event. Whatever it is it will be a pleasant experience and in fact, come as an invitation.  The entire row ends with a problem solving card with a happy result. 

PASSING- These 3 cards are read top, middle and bottom.  The TRIGGER CARD is the most potent energy.

COFFIN+FISH+LETTER. What seemed to be a deadline situation around money or finances is revealed through some correspondence.  There may have been some loss or shortage. It can be something simple as looking at a bank statement.

NOW- I forgot to label the now column in the image. 🙂   These 3 cards tell what’s going on currently. The top card leads you to the YOU card which is followed by the bottom card suggesting a mini development.

SUN+PARK+LILY. As we open this column we are experiencing a card of success despite the news. Interestingly, the bottom card can suggest a retirement facility or perks related to retirement. Another way to look at this trio is if we stick to the theme of retirement then the situation of the past may have notified the client of a decrease in monies coming in.  If we are talking about some sort of high priced event a family member could help out. I’ve always read the bottom card are harmony prevails to some degree if it is the last card in an analysis.

IMMEDIATE- As a rule this column’s time frame is affected by the time frame of the SOON column. It can be tweaked. If the SOON column is 6 months then it is reasonable to say the IMMEDIATE column is up to around 3 months. In the reading about I chose a short time frame thus giving this column an even shorter one. The 3 cards here shows the development of the preceding cards.

Not all situations are totally clear from the past 6 cards. This column adds more information about the development of a certain issue at hand. MOON+BOUQUET+MOUNTAIN.   This can be quite an emotional situation ending with some obstacles which can be overcome as there are no following cards in the next column to say otherwise. The first card is one of those cards which takes on a variety of meanings. I use it as the ‘mother’ energy in many cases. Also, I use it as a card of recognition or awareness.  The first two cards strongly point to an artistic situation. In this case the bottom card can suggest something outdoors. 

SOON- As stated above the time frame is one month. One important thing to remember is that the TRIGGER CARD rules in this last column.  The energy contained in it is active. The last card in the bottom row is also a mini result but of the two cards the TRIGGER CARD is the strongest.

CHILD+KEY+CLOVER. A new development will lead to the success of a situation. It can occur like a lightbulb going off in the client’s head. This is a small step in the right direction producing short-term results.  Let’s suppose the bottom card was one of those you consider negative or bad. It should be considered but not dwelled on. Let’s say it is the Mouse card. There will still be improvements but they may cause some frustration.  This does not mean the new development will fail within the one month time frame. It could lead to failure down the road as the bottom card keeps munching away, however, if you eliminate that which it is gnawing it loses its power. 

There are other probabilities with this reading. Usually clients are eager to participate in the reading and this will help you to narrow down what the YOU card means to the client. Keep talking and keep asking questions. If this is your reading you should not have any problems figuring it out.  

There are no Significator cards. This means the reading revolves around an external situation which still affects the client and/or the significant other indirectly. In this case, it is a random shuffle of the cards to see what they advise. 

Questions- please comment below

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