Asking Robin Wood Tarot about a wedding

I had a question about a forthcoming wedding. I’ve done a few layouts using different card systems and thought it would interesting to see what the Robin Wood Tarot would reveal in the Celtic Cross.

The question is fairly specific.  Will the couple get married on their scheduled date. There are some issues they battling out right now?

You will notice I laid the staff of the Celtic Cross on the bottom of the center cross. It makes for a better image. This means the 3 of Cups is the YOU spot, 3 of Wands is the OTHERS spot, King of Swords is the FEARS/HOPE spot and the last card, Queen of Swords is the OUTCOME.

I did not pre-select a theme or Significator card. The EMPEROR reveals the energy around the question and the QUEEN of PENTACLES represents the crossing card – challenge or blessing energy. Note: there are 3 Queens is this layout. 

The Emperor talks about structure. It is not a very emotional card at all. It does suggest a position of mental strength and security.  If this is the aura (energy) surrounding the wedding question then it is safe to say there is a level headedness (if there is such a word) about this situation. The Queen of Pentacles lends positive energy on a more materialistic level. The bride-to-be needs to have a sensible approach to this wedding. Sometimes the emotions take over but not in this case. It’s a more calculated approach to the wedding.  Interestingly, the Queen’s energy implies the couple’s intention is to keep their word about getting married. However, I am not convinced of this as the Queen of Swords ends the layout.

The KNIGHT of CUPS represents the offer of marriage. The 5 of PENTACLES depicts a situation surrounding the couple right now. They are at odds. But this influence is passing. It is very low energy. The couple is exhausted as one of their concerns is on a materialistic level. This card probably reflects the bride-to-be as she is feeling there is little emotional support from the groom-to-be.

What could come into being is the influence of the QUEEN of CUPS. This can be the bride-to-be looking at her feelings a little closer and perhaps asking herself some hard questions. 

What is ahead for this couple is represented by the 4 of WANDS. This is a card of celebration. It is also a card of freedom (5 of Pentacles influence).  The wedding date is only 6 and half weeks away. When the 3 of Cups appears as well it is a precursor of emotional excitement.

The 3 of CUPS in the You spot reflects the wedding since that is what I asked. It suggests a joyous experience for those involved which includes the wedding party. But will they marry is the question?

The 3 of WANDS sits in the Others spot. Other people might think this couple should really think about getting married. On the hand, they could think it’s about time. The ship has come in for the couple.

In the Hope and Fears spot sits a rather mean looking KING of SWORDS. I think this card poses a threat on some level. What is being sacrificed here? It is a card of intellectual action. It’s a vital decision. Does this couple fear this decision to marry? It’s a card of judgements. Perhaps more time is needed to ponder this wedding.

The last card, QUEEN of SWORDS in most cases is not the best card to end a layout especially when the topic is about relationships. This card asks the couple to be completely honest with their feelings on continuing their plans to marry. I’ve always read this card as a card of separation when relationship questions were asked. Both of these people have had hard knocks in life prior to knowing each other. They have weathered various challenges within the relationship as well. 

Some of the other cards do point to this wedding taking place. I don’t feel an emotional connectivity between this couple. They are too much in their minds rather than in their hearts. I suppose that’s what happens when older people get married. The rose-coloured glasses are taken off.  

The Queen of Swords is also a card of freedom in that there is a release of some sort usually from the 8 of Swords (as Rachel Pollack observed in her Seventy-eight degrees of Wisdom book). Going through with the marriage would end the uncertainty once and for all (8 of Swords). Or not going through with it would have the same results. A decision either way would end this entrapment.

My analysis is very brief of this layout. So, back to the original question. I just can’t shake the feeling that I get from the Queen of Swords – to me it’s a card of going it alone. I’ve always associated it with some sort of sadness.  I hope I am wrong and that this Queen coupled with the other two Queens does not mean deception by or about women and/or gossip. (Waite) Other  have stated that three Queens are influential and supportive friends. Is this couple listening to others too much? 

Time will tell.

UPDATE: March 6/18- the couple did marry. That was the question and the answer is yes.