A few gipsy card combination to think about….

In my experience, certain combinations meanings of the Ciganske karte (Gipsy cards) do not remain the same all the time. I like pushing the envelope by looking at other possible meanings. I don’t just pull some of these meanings out of a hat. I share them because I have seen them come to pass in former readings. 

Sweetheart + Merriment 

The Sweetheart lady has a happy-go-lucky attitude and most likely is looking for a good time versus anything too serious.  A fun-loving individual that is not ready to settle down.  If you are a male, this combination will warn you of getting involved too fast because she is not ready to commit. When describing a situation the results will be in favour of the person who is the least controlling and demanding.

Ecclesiastic + Baby




If you are a female, this combination can foretell a birth.  More times than not these two cards describe a situation you are involved in where you need to play by the rules.  Whatever surrounds you will require that you take baby steps initially because you are dealing with a very traditional male. When describing a situation it’s all about the way it has always been done.  No one is really open to change, however, there is hope because can occur gradually and takes time to evolve.

Misfortune + Marriage




These two cards predict a separation through an unexpected turn of events.  It can describe any sort of commitment and the collapse of something that used to be solid.  Often these two cards will warn you not to sign any important documents which are based on the lack of research. When this duo does represent legal papers they are not in your best interest.  Think twice before you agree to get engaged or married and it is best to give yourself additional time to think things  over.  You will be glad that you did.

Even though the Marriage card falls to the right, the effects of the Misfortune card have taken place and continue to influence the theme.  For example, if the Love card fell afterwards there is a good indication of a reconciliation in romantic matters.   If it is the Death card it will intensify the ending. 

Jealousy + Lover




A change in personality and attitude.  These two cards point to an emotional disturbance which is caused by another person.  If you are a female this duo tells you that your boyfriend is as smooth as silk towards you but underneath all that he is insecure.  He really does not want anyone else to want you.  If you are a male you recently got hit between the eyes in the romantic department.  A situation came up that has forced you to re-evaluate your current involvement.  Make sure you that you want the female for real and not because you are into the numbers game.

If a meaning doesn’t feel right keep it in mind anyways because later down the road you could be surprised at learning why it doesn’t feel right.  

Blog post Dec 15.17

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