Try the Tarot in the 3-card Symbolon layout

It wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t exploring different ways of reading cards. I thought it would be quite interesting to demonstrate how to read the Tarot in the 3-card Symbolon layout.

You can gain valuable insights in only three cards especially when those three cards fall in designated positions of a layout.

The Problem/Situation: 5 OF CUPS

How can you even see the problem if you have a black cloak surrounding you? Are you thinking about what is making you more unhappy in your relationship (overturned cups) rather than what is contributing to your happiness (upright cups). You are preventing yourself from healing. Try talking to someone who can offer a sympathetic shoulder. Have a good cry. Tears heal. 

The Way through the Problem: QUEEN OF SWORDS

Toughen up! It’s time to take responsibility for your role in this unhappiness you ‘think’ you are experiencing in the relationship. Gain control over your emotions and try to put things in perspective. Maybe you have set up situations in your relationship only to be let down. If you were a drama queen in the past it is time to lick your wounds and move on. It’s your fault, too. Only you can find happiness in the relationship if you are happy with yourself.  Set your boundaries if you feel your partner is trampling over your emotions. 

The Outcome: CHARIOT

Ultimately, your happiness will come though understanding your own emotions. Have you found the balance? You need to stand up for yourself even if it appears you are being hard-nosed. Keep working on this relationship and the happiness should return. Don’t give up if the relationship is important to you. Most of all don’t be a door mat. 

Maybe you just need to take the reigns of this relationship a little bit more. This could be the real reason you are unhappy. Within this last card is victory. So, take that black cloak off and pick up the two upright cups. You may discover your happiness in there.

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