conclusion of the Kipper cards in 15 card English layout. Part 2b/2

Kipper cards in 15 card English layout. Part 2a/2

In conclusion, today’s post is about the left wings of the 15 card English layout.

Cards 14, 10 & 6 (above image):  What is out of your control: This is something you can not change and must give up responsibility for as per Mountain Magic website. ➡  click here for downloadable explanationI like to read this wing as the recent past whereby the cards reveal a situation which has or is in the process of manifestation. It’s something you have gone through already. Notice how the Wealthy man is linked to both the Mature Man and the Mature Woman cards.


Obviously, the client had a limited financial situation. She probably had to respond in a mature/responsible way to this situation. It did not end up being exceptionally profitable but she did gain some money. This money doled out could have been to finish up some situation or project. 

Cards 15 , 11 & 7 (below image): This wing reveals another possible path you could if you do not like the outcome of the upper right-wing. It’s important to compare the two in the event the left-wing proves to be more challenging.


Interestingly, I have learned that this client did receive a gift of money from her partner. It wasn’t enough for her to buy the big purchase she wanted to but that did not address the relationship issues. I think it was her partner’s way of making up for the discord between them. Funny, how gifts can make us forget the real problems. 

In this wing reading right to left a good friend will be offering some help in the client’s relationship. There is some good news coming. The Mature Man could be an aspect of the partner’s personality. Maybe he has wised up to the fact that there needs to be more romance on the horizon.  🙂  This way the upper right-wing can be averted in case it lead to a separation.

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