Kipper cards in 15 card English layout. Part 2a/2

➡ Fin de Siècle Kipper cards in 15 card English layout. Part 1/2

In continuation with the 15 card English layout featuring the Fin de Siècle Kipper cards by Ciro Marchetti. Today, I’ll talk about the upper right and lower right wings. I will do the other side of the layout in Part 2b/2. I don’t know about you but I prefer reasonable length posts. This way some of the information is retained better and it gives you something to think about if you are studying this style of layout. 

Upper right-wing: Cards 4, 8, & 12: This is the probable path if there are no significant changes in the direction of one’s life.


You should read the lower wing first but since I’ve already uploaded the image I will carry on.  We can see here the client is emotional distraught as she begins this path. She is not clear-headed. Something has or will upset her. The Court House can signify a legal matter but it can also signify a conventional situation. With the Family Room ending the wing the situation will be contained within the privacy of the client’s home. There could be emotionally damaging issues with what will be going on within her home.

Does this wing have a good ending? What do you think? I think it is an ambiguous outcome. 

Lower right-wing: Cards 5, 9 & 13:  These three cards will play out in your life but you will not be at their mercy. Many times this trio will reveal an area of life that requires your attention and maybe the influence is so strong that you feel compelled to follow through. But, always remember that in most cases you do have a choice and it is shown in the upper wings of the layout. If you keep doing what you are doing you will experience the upper right-wing. If you like the alternative path’s (upper left-wing) outcome you will need to make another choice. Think about the core meaning of the LENORMAND Path card.


In some ways the client feels blessed. Also, she will be the recipient of an actual present or gift. Gifts come in many forms. The Main Male is her partner. He has appeared in the layout which is always a good thing when the client is thinking about her relationship. Since he is coupled with the Official Person card I’m thinking this gift giving is a matter of routine or ‘as expected’.

The Main Female faces to the right and has her back on the upper left wing (more on this in the concluding post part 2b/2). The client can accept her partner’s gift in the manner he gives it or she can reject it. Three guesses what she will do. Since the last card feels a bit stiff I think she will play along.

I’m starting to think there is another man involved in this scenario. The more you study the cards without definite conclusions more insights can be discovered. The Wealthy Man in the middle three cards wasn’t too far from her but she had her back to him.  To be continued. 

I just want to mention this message beneath my post. “Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here.” If you see something that is NOT in keeping with the theme of my blog it wasn’t me that put it there. 🙂

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