How to read Shustah cards in relation to a direct question

Today’s post is on how to read the Pages of Shustah© cards in the 3 card layout found in the accompanying book by Ann Manser and Cecil North. You can find some keywords for all the cards at the Scribd website  ➡ click link 

The Shustah deck is a multi-level system of cartomancy. For those of you studying this system or for those of you that use this deck I hope you find the following post helpful.  As always it is my view on how to interpret the cards in the 3 positions of the layout. Much of my view is rooted in my substantial experience of working with the cards in actual real life situations. I follow-up on readings regularly. 

Green Magical Horse. Yellow Gnomes. Green Mammoth.

Judging by the colours of the suits the energy appears to be moving or progressing. Here we can detect some physical effort as well in the Premise and Result positions (#1 and #3 spots).

The Problem or Situation card #2 is yellow. This could suggest some sort of gain but not necessarily gain which is associated with money unless of course, the question is about money. More on this card later on in the post. 

The Question:  If Marie enrolls in the eyebrow tattooing course and successfully completes it will she be able to generate money with this new skill? In other words, if she gets trained in eyebrow tattooing can she use this technique as a service and make money from it. Sounds like 2 or 3 questions. Bottom line is about making money from eyebrow tattooing. 

The Premise #1 card Magical Horse implies Marie might be feeling rushed into taking this course.  Overall, this green card points to steady accomplishments, but, you need to run the race to win. If Marie is ready to apply herself by learning this technique step by step there is a good chance she will complete the course (& fully understand the process). If Marie just wants another certificate to hang in her work space but hasn’t got a clue what she’s doing on a practical level – that’s the conflict in timing depicted by this card as well.

The Problem/Situation #2 card Gnomes clearly points to some hard work. It could be the course or it could be the fact Marie has to juggle many different responsibilities in her life at the same time. This still ties into the question. The message of this card is to hang in there. By completing the course it can lead to an additional service which brings in extra money. One other point with this card is to avoid bragging about this new technique until she is nearly done the course. It’s ok to drum up business ahead of time but Marie will need to practice what she has learned and hopefully not on a real person 🙂 at first. This is a good card – it shows what is possible.

The Result #3 card Mammoth is one of those cards that presents some riddles as a result. Often, it is associated with karma.  I want to read this card as a sign of great strength and power in relation to the question. Marie has learned much from her past experiences. I have to wonder, though, if she attempted this course previously. The reason I say this is because one of the subtle meanings for this card is a resurfacing situation. 

Bottom line question is about making money from eyebrow tattooing. The last card implies success especially since Marie has gone through the Gnomes energy.  Mammoth does not indicate huge amounts of money.

How would you interpret this reading?

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