Asking the Kipper cards about starting renovations

Happy New Year 2018

As the first post of the new year we will be exploring Ciro Marchetti’s Fin de Siècle Kipper and Regula Elizabeth Fiechter‘s Mystical Kipper for some advice.

Stephen has been contemplating on doing some kitchen renovations. He wanted me to ask my cards to see what they say.  I decided to use two contrasting Kipper decks in a 3 card layout. As many of you know Ciro has renamed some of the cards and Regula has stayed true to the original names. The images on both these decks trigger a different emotional response.  Let’s see what the cards are advising on the question.

Question: Should Stephen go ahead with his kitchen renovations? In other words, will the renovations be successful which is what he is really thinking. 


The opening card RICH GIRL is couple with the PRISON card suggesting some overall grief or disappointment. Traditionally, RICH GIRL is a younger woman without financial worries. Stephen is not married (dating a steady girl) and lives alone. The PRISON  card suggests some obstacle. It could be a catch 22 situation.  Followed by the GLOOMY THOUGHTS card one can’t help but think the renovations are not a good idea.  There would be profound worry especially if he went ahead he may feel trapped by a contract or agreement with a renovation company. 

Another feeling I had with this trio is that Stephen has reservations (gloomy thoughts) on going ahead with the kitchen renovations. The central card indicates some outside persuasion (prison) by his lady friend (rich girl).

I would have to advise Stephen against proceeding with the renovations. He will bring on more stress to himself than anticipated. Also, the PRISON card hints at limitations. Maybe the workers can only do so much because of the structure of the original kitchen/plumbing, etc.


This deck gives a slightly different feeling. The core essence is the same but I think Ciro has really captured a modern positive Gloomy Thoughts meaning in his CONCERN card. Of course, there would be concern about the renovations but not necessarily in a totally negative way as the Gloomy Thoughts imagery suggests. 🙂

If he goes ahead the PRIVILEGED LADY suggests little worry at the beginning BUT it falls next to the IMPRISONMENT card depicting some family grief (LWBStella Waldvogel)

The layout ends with the CONCERN card. This card suggests accumulated anxiety. The man in the image of the card is thinking about the mess he has gotten into. 

Once again, I would advise against the kitchen renovations until some further thought is given to the intended plans. 

7 thoughts on “Asking the Kipper cards about starting renovations

  1. I loved your take on both decks. You pacified some concerns of mine about using Fin-de-Siècle deck on small spread. Thank you!

    • Thank you. Ciro’s deck has 3 additional cards which I have found useful. Poverty, Toil and Labour, and Community. I enjoy small layouts. The 3 card is my favourite, then the Grand Tableau, and the 12 card Trigger layout I designed.

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