Lenormand Birds combinations…another view

For many years I used the Birds card with more negative connotations. Very early in my experience with the Lenormand cards I used grief as a meaning. The communication meaning was there as well but as I have written in earlier blog posts it was more of chit-chat like gossiping or idle conversations.

I decided to delve into some of the alternative combination other than the common ones being used. To see some of these meanings visit Helen’s Lenormand dictionary ➡ click here. If you like the cards below please visit the websites and purchase the deck. Support the artists.

Mystical Lenormand by Urban Trosch . U.S. Games Systems. https://www.usgamesinc.com

Lenormand Revolution. Carrie Paris. Roz Foster. http://lenormandrevolution.com

Lady + Birds:  she is so frustrated that people call her as real b*tch

Lily + Birds: those relatives who love to gossip especially about what goes on behind closed doors

Scythe + Birds: those people with a caustic manner of conversing like one line zingers

Dog + Birds: a friend that is distempered for many reasons

Gentleman + Birds: a very flirty kind of man that shouldn’t be taken seriously

Snake + Birds: beware of sweet talk laced with venom

Fox + Birds: you receive an email meant for someone else

Bear + Birds: you can’t get a word in edgewise

Mountain + Birds: deep seated grief that is multi-layered

Heart + Birds: you aren’t the only one he/she is pursuing

Fish + Birds: bittersweet situation involving money

Of course, you should consider some of the other cards surrounding the Birds card. It is more of a neutral energy triggered by adjoining cards. Even the grief meaning is coloured by surrounding cards. If you look at the card and forget what you learned about them you can get a feeling about what the cards are saying. Also, it depends what deck you are using because some of the art work ranges from simple to outstanding insofar as what type of flying creature is depicted. Owl? Swan? Bird?






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