Asking Symbolon cards a skin care question.

I’m not even sure the cards will answer the following question but I will ask out of curiosity.

I went to see the doc about a rash on my hand and she said it was dermatitis. I have retraced my steps trying to figure what I changed like detergents, soaps, etc. She gave me a cream to address the pain from me scratching it. The doc also said something about stress, LMAO. 

I’m going to ask the Symbolon for some guidance.  Question: Why do I have this rash on my hand?



This cards speaks about a relationship that requires adjustments, obligations and self-imposed demands.

This is an interesting card. I want to read this card as a relationship with my own body since I was asking about a rash that is on my body. MInd you other things in one’s life affect what goes on in our bodies.



I tend to read all 3 positions of each card to gain a fuller understanding of the message(s).  If this card were the problem which it is to some respect. It implies something is weighing down on me. I suppose dealing with a silly rash is my problem but it does affect me when I wash the dishes. I need to wear rubber gloves. When I wash my hair the shampoo and body wash creates a stinging sensation on my hand. 

Looks like this rash won’t go away that fast according to this card. It requires much effort on my part to avoid certain situations that would aggravate the rash. This is common sense. It’s all up to me to ‘fix’ this problem, perhaps on another level as well. Is it something I’m eating which might not be agreeing with me? Could it be stress? It all started around the time my daughter got married and my partner ventured off to Australia for nearly 6 weeks. 



I like the looks of this card. It’s such an uplifting card.

This card is saying it’s not that big of a deal but at the same time it advises me that the answer is up above whatever that means. The outcome seems to be very positive if I trust the process of healing.  I must admit I have just about given up hope that this rash will go away. It’s more of an annoyance than anything.

In summary, maybe my doctor was right. Maybe it is some sort of internal stress from everything going on around me. Stress does cause toxins to be released and many times this take the from of skin disturbances.  I was taught (in my Aesthetics training) that all skin abnormalities signal mostly internal lack of balance. Many times the products we use do not agree with us on the surface.

I think my answer to the question lies within the Burden card. I will continue applying the prescribed cream and avoid things that could be irritants.

2 thoughts on “Asking Symbolon cards a skin care question.

  1. I know absolutely nothing about this deck or the cards within but I will have a go at interpreting them,…. I know this post dates back November 2017 so I will be talking in past tense, As I look at card 1 we see a young man chopping logs with an axe in hand & his wife or girlfriend washing clothes, card no.1 would say to me that you were trying to split yourself in two as shown by the young man chopping the log of wood ( as most men would split the log into 2), card no.2 sees a man carrying a rock or boulder on his back which would say to me that because you were trying to split yourself into 2 at the time making you feel weighed down, the 3 card to me says at the time you were being showered with spiritual help and healing and love..The outcome of this reading I feel was a stress-related rash but I could be wrong..Dermot

    • Dermot so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your wonderful insights on this reading. It’s amazing what stress does to one’s body. This deck is designed without intention of future casting it’s more of past casting as in remembering what one knows already. So, given that I suppose the root of this rash experience might be a karmic issue. Seaqueen.

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