The Cardinal Cross layout featuring the Oracle of the Radiant Sun

For another detailed example of the Cardinal Cross layout featuring the Oracle of the Radiant Sun card please click ➡ LINK. 

If you want just a quick overview reading the Cardinal Cross layout is ideal. You can always turn over the remainder of the cards in specific Houses to gain more information if needed. You can ask a specific question or let the cards tell you what you should know. Some Astrological background is helpful.

If you want to purchase this deck you may find it challenging to locate one and if you do it may carry a high price tag.

Question: What should married Steven be aware of at this time?

Note: Steven’s question is general. If he asked a specific question the information gained from the cards in the Houses should be tied in with the question to arrive at an answer. 

Let’s see what the cards say ….

Card 1 – House 1: Cardinal Aries -PRINCIPLE.  #9 Jupiter in Sagittarius

This House reveals the person’s state of mind at the time of the Reading. It is also read as the outer personality.

Steven is a man of principle. He projects himself to others as someone who most likely has high morals in all he does.  What you see is what you get. Doing the right thing.

Steven is probably thinking of taking a long distant trip or at the very least he is fantasizing about one. He could also be going through a transition and questioning his own belief system. Maybe he wants to be a bit more adventurous but has always been so predictable.

Card 4 – House 4: Cardinal Cancer  -EXALTATION. #2 Moon in Taurus

The 4th House represents one’s home and family; property. In general Readings, most people want to know about this topic. It can represent one of the parents.

There is a strong indicator that Steven will have some dealings regarding  land or property. He might be looking at making some additional money by selling because of the current market.

He is quite attached to his family and probably spoils the family members. He likes to be doted on as well.

Card 7 – House 7: Cardinal Libra -ORGANIZATION. #10 Mercury in Capricorn

This house rules the partnership. Most relationships come under the rulership of house 7. Here we can find out what her partner is up to or how she/he fits into this general layout.

Patience is the key.  Looks like there are many discussions about the nature of his living arrangement with his partner (wife in this case). Lots of talking. Since this position rules his wife I think she has long-term plans…like wanting to get ahead financially.The wife could lack spontaneity. They need a little more fun.

 Card 10 – House 10: Cardinal Capricorn EGOTISM. #5 Mars in Leo 

The 10th house rules life direction, career and public reputation.  It also represents the other more dominant parent.

Steven could let off steam at work. He puts an enormous amount of energy into his creative projects. He would be quite an animated boss or employee. This card shows great salesmanship too.

In summary

Steven did not ask me a specific question, although, I suspect he had specifics on his mind.  I went ahead and turned over the card in HOUSE 5.  #12 Sun in Pisces. Steven definitely wants to get away from it all. Given this card fell in House 5 he has meet someone  and is fond of her. 

How to write a potential Email response:

You are a man of principle. People around you know what they get with you. The cards point to some thoughts about travel. You may just want to get away right now and do some thinking. Something may have happened to trigger this. Looks like you need to put things in proper perspective. 

It’s been crazy busy at work for you. Your job pulls out a lot of energy out of you but you seem to get off on that. You are driven by your creative passion. A few cards suggest you may have been having heart to heart talks with your wife. Perhaps you are de-cluttering your relationship in some way.  I do see that your family is very important to you and you would do anything for them.

There is a card that indicates a little side interest which you had not anticipated. This weighs on you quite heavily. It might be someone who has crossed your path that is completely opposite to your wife.  It could be a new female business associate. If this makes sense to you would you like me to look into this more deeply as this reading is only a general overview?

Careful wording is vital. Unless you see something in black and white avoid being blunt about it. 

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