Whatever happened to the Parapath newsletter?

One (wo)man shows are a lot of work as many of you know who single-handedly managing a project.

The Parapath newsletter has not gone anywhere. It’s in my heart and in my mind.  🙂

Reading is a passion for me and not just cards. Writing is a close second. I hope you still feel like reading a book or newsletter or even a long Email. Some of you have a hectic lifestyle, others cherish your down time and a few of you are speed readers. Many have become lazy. Speed! Everyone wants things fast. It’s like the Internet connection, if you wait more than 10 seconds you get impatient and scream to yourself, “Why is this taking so long!”  Have you forgotten about dial-up 🙂 or DSL?

Is there a point to what I just said?  Yes there is in a roundabout way.  Taking the time to read a 7-9 page newsletter means you need to dedicate that amount of time out of your schedule or free time. I’m not sure how many minutes it would take. It is too easy to read one article and then bookmark the page or drag the downloaded version to a folder.  It gets forgotten.

So…….. I was thinking about creating a smaller version of the Parapath. It’s easier on me (my lifestyle gets totally chaotic at times, lol) and you will only need a few minutes to read it.  I’m undecided whether or not I should write about one topic but more in a course format. Trust me I can write volumes on one topic. 🙂 For example: I could write about cards (no surprise here), lesson 1 – one card from a chosen cartomancy system. With this one card would come examples, how to interpret it layouts and so on.  I would stay with the same cartomancy system in each newsletter and not flip back and forth. Would this interest you? 

This is where I’m at with the Parapath newsletter.  If you have any suggestions or comments send them to me on Facebook or email me (see Image© below).



One thought on “Whatever happened to the Parapath newsletter?

  1. I like whatever you write….so whatever you can do or want to do is fine with me!! Short ones are good as they are quick and easy to read and if it is a particular topic I am interested in, I can just save it and go back to it later versus keeping a larger newsletter with other things in it as well. So do whatever fits into your schedule!

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