How did you get to the Tarot Devil experience?

Have you ever wondered how the heck you got to the Tarot Devil experience? Why did the situation happen? Where you a victim or did you some how set up the circumstances? To make this more interesting, let’s suppose you end up in job with no opportunities for advancement. On the hand,  you could end up in a relationship which you are having a hard time ending. Whatever the situation, the Devil speaks of entrapment of some kind.  You are dealing with a card which belongs to the ‘effects’ level of experience. You got there somehow especially if the Devil card falls as an answer in a layout.  If it is in the future spot you still have time to make some changes by meditating on the Strength card for guidance. More on this as we continue our exploration. 

In today’s post I am going to explore a few possible answers to the questions above.  Some of my extensive Tarot training is from the teachings of Paul Foster Case (BOTA). 

Let’s talk about the Magician, Strength & Devil cards. 

In Case’s teachings:

  • 0: the Fool (profound topic for discussion in another post)
  • 1-7: powers or potentials of consciousness (capacity to direct the principles of card, however, without applied action nothing happens)
  • 8-14: laws or agencies (person or thing through which power (capacity – ability/influence) is exerted to achieve an effect
  • 15-21: conditions or effects (result of an action)

The Magician is identified with Mercury. Through this card expression and transmutation are possible. Concentration is vital. This intensifies the energy so you can direct it. Most Tarot card decks have the Magician holding a baton towards the sky (heaven’s above) with the right hand and pointing to the ground with left hand. He is a conduit of energy. All his tools are on the table that are needed. 

How did you create the Devil situation with your job?  Your relationship? It started here. 

Next comes the Strength card.  This card has the means (mode) of applied action. What is your understanding of the Strength card?  It is linked to the sign of Leo, ruler Sun. Leo rules more than just the heart. It rules your spine/back which provides a physical channel for kundalini energy. We all know about kundalini to some degree. Ok, so you have directed some energy (Magician) to the relationship you have now. 

You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Did you notice the flowers in the woman’s crown? The horizontal 8 also lies over the Magician’s head. She continues with his intention. The field of activity here is a direct consequence of the Magician’s energy. The law of suggestion (attraction) is not a new concept. It’s been around hundreds of years. The Strength card will show you how to positively embrace this card’s lesson by controlling your environment/situation. The bottom line is that the lion is a part of you that you need to tame or control – it comes from within. 

So, what if this card was in the answer spot of your layout? It is telling you that you are in the agency zone, 🙂 . It is time to take the bull by the horns but not in an aggressive way. 

Ok, so you are in a relationship where you often feel you have little control or it seems like your partner is unmanageable.  He or she knows how to push your buttons. Just remember if you took ownership of those ‘buttons’ the partner would not have that power over you. 

Now, we come to the effects level. It is the result of the Magician and Strength-  The Devil.  

Anytime, you get this card in a layout you need to know that it didn’t just appear to get a laugh. There was a process  towards its appearance.  If life were so easy to figure out as this post exploration. 🙂  But, it is not.  Here you are on the receiving end of an ‘effects’ card.  You need to retrace your steps back to the Magician. 

Was your intention clear about the type of job you want?  Was your intention of pure heart to attract a partner to yourself?  Where you a little too forceful in your attitude? Where you emotionally unstable when you sent your intention out into the Universe? Did you worry too much thus setting up a negative energy field? There are many questions you should be asking yourself. To better understand why this circumstance is in your life you need to be honest with yourself.  You can’t turn back the clock but you can move forward….

Never forget this card suggests release of  bondage in most forms. Find the humour in your situation. Laugh at the hilarious representation of what you think is entrapping you. 

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