What’s going on Layout featuring Fin De Siecle Kipper deck


The What’s going on Layout uses 10 cards. If you follow the chart/meanings of the positions in the above image you can determine the advice of the cards.  Let’s try the Fin de Siècle Kipper fortune telling deck by Ciro Marchetti. You can purchase this deck from ➡ US Games Systems, Inc.

If you want to delve into a situation a bit more deeply I would suggest using a medium-sized layout such as this one but of course, there are many others as well.

This reading is for a friend’s daughter (T) who is questioning her 16 year marriage. She knows something isn’t right but cannot pinpoint the problem.  Her husband (S) is not his usual self and T sees many changes in his personality. T is worried but more than that she is being victimized by the entire situation of not knowing what’s going on. This is the main reason I chose to demonstrate this particular layout.


1 & 2. What’s going on now includes what you may not see.


T is enduring her marriage. Her role is traditional insofar as he’s the head of the household. She feels restrictions because of the way S is acting. This is affecting her life outside of the domestic sphere.  T has little control over the circumstances in her life right now.

3 & 4. Upcoming events that will influence the outcome.


T might be considering a vacation or the need to get away. An opportunity will arise for her to leave all her daily work behind her for a short time.  Maybe they will plan to take a trip together to reconnect, discuss or talk over the uneasiness going on in their marriage.

S could be going on a road trip connected to his job which will take him away for periods of time thus giving T more space to deal with her everyday responsibilities.  They do have 3 children.

5. Where issue is headed.  


It looks like T will seek legal advice or at the very least talk to someone in a professional capacity. Another way to look at this card is that there could be a family decision in the offing.

This card is also called the Court Person.

6 & 7. What you can expect on the pattern of now.  These cards should expand on card 1 & 2. The pattern is the summary of those cards. We established T’s lack of control in her situation. 


There could be an older man involved in helping T. It is coupled with a card of misery. T is having a tough time making ends meet as it is. She works hard and without S’s wage she would have grave financial difficulties.

T can be feeling emotionally poor. S is not demonstrating any loving feelings towards her. I really think Mature Man is representing S. This duo certainly does reflect his actions.

8 & 9. How you can change #10 outcome if you don’t like it. First of all, you would have to study the last card before coming to a conclusion on this position of the layout. The Thief card is worrisome. T could be facing a loss. There are clues in the duo to avert some of the negative influences of the Thief card. So, what if you like the Outcome card then what you would do is continue with the messages (advice) of card 8 & 9.


The Pathway card does predict up to 2 years of patience. There is still hope for this marriage!  More time is needed before any serious decisions are made. If T gives up on her husband she will experience the influences of the Outcome card – The Thief.

10. Overall Outcome.


This card will materialize if T proceeds with legal advice in dissolving this marriage (Judication). She will lose much. This is also a card of dishonesty. In this particular situation all parties need to stop avoiding the truth of the situation. As depicted by the Pathway card more patience and work is needed to save this marriage. It won’t be easy and a solution could take a long time.

Bottom Line:  The husband’s actions are a call for help. Maybe S is not aware of what he is doing and how it is affecting T. Many times, people do not realize they project their own demons onto the partner.

2 thoughts on “What’s going on Layout featuring Fin De Siecle Kipper deck

  1. Just looking at your kipper reading above this is just my opinion what I feel they are saying, I feel the reading points towards that S is having an affair with someone he know’s as shown by The community card & Official card in combination with each other, he has met this person either through his work as shown by The occupation card or he met her on his way to work as shown by The journey card. I feel that she needs to confront him as shown by The Judication card or she is thinking about taking advice not always legal, The lovers + The pathway would suggest that Mr S has been seeing someone for quite a long time Mrs T feels that she is losing him as shown by The Theif card, she also fears that she may not be able to support herself financially as shown on the card of Poverty but the cards are indicating any breakup..

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