Tarot Devil card in the Elements layout.

DAILY DRAW: When the Devil card #15 is selected as the daily draw you could find yourself in a tempting situation. It can also suggest being caught between a rock and hard place. If you look closely at the Pamela’s image you have to wonder what she was thinking when she drew it. Also, it’s hard not to laugh at the image of this preposterous looking devil which consists of various animals. Keep your sense of humour today things may appear absurd. 

The Devil is one of the major arcana cards belonging to the traditional Tarot cards.

CURRENT THOUGHTS: This card certainly illustrates a mind that is bound to something or someone. You could be thinking there is no way out of a situation. You could be in a rut of some kind. Are you listening to those old tapes in your head that are repeating I can’t over and over? 

YOUR FEELINGS:  If no question was asked the 2nd spot will reveal how you are feeling at the time of the shuffle. Often the Devil is a reminder to take things a little lighter. You are a slave to your feelings by choice.  You might be feeling guilty about something. Your emotions are under someone else’s control. 

Sometimes we wrap ourselves around certain emotions and cannot let go.  To feel good and uplifted all the time would be great but it just doesn’t happen to many people. Release your emotional chains. 

Who do you identify with in the image? 

If you had no conscious question in mind when you selected the Devil card it could be telling you that you are not dealing with some reaction or response to a situation.  You are not being honest with yourself and maybe you are just pretending a problem doesn’t exist.

The DEVIL card can suggest you aren’t taken things seriously enough.  This card need not be negative.

Do you feel like you are behind the 8 ball and have given up on hope?  If this is the case look to position #3 Plan of Action to find out how you overcome the current emotional state and where it will lead you (#4 What can Happen).

Let’s suppose the Devil card falls in the What can Happen/Result spot. You have better rethink a situation very carefully because you are heading for trouble. Will I get the raise? Sure, but you will pay a high price. Will the relationship be long lasting? Sure, as long as you keep those chains on. 

4 card Elements Layout

The majority of things in our lives can be changed. They change only when we adopt a new attitude or a new emotional outlook. It’s a chain (no pun intended) reaction. Changes happen within your body as well. We attract different people into our lives. It doesn’t happen overnight. The Universe knows if you are sincere.

The chains of the devil can not hold you if you don’t let them. 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Tarot Devil card in the Elements layout.

    • Hi Ranie,
      Yes, in some cases the Devil card can be positive. Sometimes a situation is so weird that its funny. Have you ever laughed in the face of ridiculous situations? Most of the time it is a challenging influence which reveals more of a mental entrapment by choice or habit. The two people are naked which usually symbolizes some sort of truth but they are chained to the creature so this truth might be attached to all those things the devil represents.

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