Reading the GT houses

When reading the Lenormand cards in the Houses you gain additional information. Generally, I do not mix too many techniques with the GT. Most of the time I will commence the reading with the Significator that represents the client or person wanting the reading. In the reading below I did the 8×4+4 GT. The yellow squares above, below and ahead of the Lady can give you a starting point. The Gentleman (blue square) is right behind her.

When you study the two Significators check to see if they are looking at each other or which card they are facing. Many Lenormand readers take all the cards behind the lady to represent her past and all the cards ahead of her to indicate the future. In other words, if she faces to the left, all cards to the left of her are the future possibilities and all the cards to the right of her card suggest the past experiences.

I tend to read left as past and right as future no matter which way the Significator faces, however, I do keep in mind their direction when assessing other cards. There is no rule set in stone you have to stick to one method because your intuition will guide you as you proceed.

In the stringing method you read CARD in HOUSE and continue along until you come back to the LADY card. At times this will involve only half a dozen cards and other times all the cards are strung together. One thing to notice is which cards are shared by both Significators because this will share a common issue, problem or situation that involve both of them. Everyone has situations that do not involve the Significant other directly.

Below is an example of how to read some of the cards in the houses. At the time of shuffle the female client was wondering about a new man that she was dating. 

The lady card falls in the park/garden house. There will be opportunities in the community or public venues where you will be able to get known for the services you provide. One major invitation is extended to you that will require require some travel.

The park/garden card falls in the heart house. This opportunity can be a mix of business and pleasure. It is something you love to do and are quite passionate about it.

The heart card falls in the bouquet house. You will receive the gift that you will be very fond of. It comes from the person that has taken a liking to you.

The bouquet card falls in the child house. With this gift new beginning’s are possible. Further developments are shown because it is just the start of something bigger.

The child card falls in the letter house. More news about this will come to you. At the time you were receive the gift you may not be aware of the far-reaching opportunity for it is still to be discovered as time goes on. (up to about six months)

The letter card falls in the book house you will learn of some information which has been concealed from you for one reason or another. There is more than meets the eye and you should be totally aware that you do not know everything about one particular person.

The book card falls in the fox house at first the news or information you received will feel all wrong to you. You know something isn’t quite right but you just can’t put your finger on it at the current time. Someone may have motives but it’s not a personal thing it’s more like they are protecting someone else.

The fox card falls in the bear house. This someone mentioned above is a very powerful personality and very good at what they do.

The bear card falls in the doghouse at the same time there is a friendship involved because this person is quite loyal to friends and family. Other commitments are shown for this person which you will come to know.

So far we can see that this MAN may not be as honest as he pretends to be.

Let’s look at the gentleman house. The stork card falls in here. This man is changeable. What this means is there is a hot and cold energy around him. Other things are on his mind, things he has not shared with the lady yet.

Let’s skip over to the gentleman card. He falls in the tire house. There is a concern around this man. It could be about an older male or a relative of some kind. Possibility of a health scare around this older male they could pull the man into past drama. He is at times distant and unapproachable displaying in aloofness which can be misleading.

Let’s see what’s going on in the ring house. Here we have the clouds card. Commitment is difficult for this man that the lady is asking about. He has some deep-rooted confusion about bonding as many people do. Part of this could be an excuse so he doesn’t have to move forward.

Of course, you are going to jump all over the place like I just did. We will string curtain house in sequence. We can get some more information from the centre cards.

OK the past row. Here we have the rider, bear and gentlemen card. These cards are behind the lady. The rider card shows that this lady had a previous connection with this man (that’s pretty obvious). He is enter her life in the recent past. This man has powerful energy around him. He is very strong and emotionally solid to the point of being stuck at times.

The now column. At the top we have dog and sun. These two cards are above the lady. She is thinking about a good friend. The sun beside the lady card suggest she is of a sunny disposition. Beneath her card lies the stork card and mountain card. This indicate that there could be some changes in her life style or about some goal setting. She can expect a few minor delays and obstacles but nothing that she cannot overcome with her optimistic outlook.

The future row. We begin with the lady card. Next is the house card ship fish and park or garden cards. She is thinking about where she is living or her current environment. This might lead to a relocation with ample opportunities. The move is suggested which will benefit her both personally and in business. The fish card suggest there’s an increase after these changes are implemented. With the park/garden card ending the road she will get recognition and become popular with the services she provides if she were to go more public and expand her business.

If you look at the bottom cards which are stars, mountain, path and lily you can see that what was awaiting her did require a significant decision. These cards showed that her wishes would be fulfilled but it wouldn’t be that easy at first. The lily card promised that emotional harmony would prevail.

As it turned out, the lady did relocate and was successful in starting her own business. She did discover that the man that she was interested in that time shuffle was not the man for her. She has since met someone else and is very happy with this individual.

Proofreader doesn’t always catch typos so I hope there aren’t too many.  🙂








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