LINESTRIDER’S TAROT. Celtic Cross layout.

Today, I decided to do a 10 card Celtic Cross layout featuring Siolo Thompson’s LINESTRIDER Tarot. The images of the cards are shown for their unique beauty and to demonstrate on how to read them in the layout.

This pictorial deck is totally different from what I am use to but I am always accepting of the artists perspectives. I may not agree but it does not matter what I think. I’ve said this before if you can read one deck of cards you can read any deck, that is from images and some background in the meaning of the cards. For example, the Lenormand cards are read the same no matter what is drawn on the card. Well, for most Lenormand readers that is. For me, it does make a difference because I have a fertile imagination. 🙂

The Linestrider deck and accompanying book have been sitting on my dresser for months along with several other decks/books I have not explored yet.

I am wondering whether or not to just read the images combined with the positions of the Celtic cross or to read what I know about the cards in those positions. As always, best to read the artists view. I have always preferred simplicity versus complicated imagery. The images on this deck do not present much difficulty in reading if you forget about the meanings you may have memorized way back when…..

As you can see in the image below I fanned out the staff cards on the top right. It’s just another way to see all the cards and there was no particular reason for this.  I have labelled the positions which are fairly common to use.  I won’t do an overly detailed reading. I will pick out some of the interesting cards…

I did have a specific question in mind. Will G’s relationship work out with D? (G’s gender- unknown). Does it really matter? I have not pre-selected a card to represent man G. I stopped doing this method several decades ago. Mind you if a Tarot deck has a blank card I use that to represent the person. 


The first card I want to look at is in the first position.

SITUATION: Knight of Wands

Yes, we have our usual horse in the image and Siolo has added a zoomed part of the knight to the horse (nice touch). This court card represents the situation which is the relationship between G and D. The card has increasing energy so I’m thinking things could speed up. This, however, is based on the energy at the time of shuffle or intention in the email by G.

CROSSING energy: 7 of Pentacles

The 7 of Pentacles image features a bower bird building the nest. (meaning taken from the accompanying book) Siolo states that the bower bird is a good example of diligence, long-term planning and old-fashioned hard work. All this is a good representation of the 7 of Pentacles. I can see that it is a waiting game as well for G’s relationship with D.  This connection will not develop overnight. Much is needed in the emotional nest.

The next card that stands  out is from  the staff position (top right 4 cards across).

YOU: 8 of Cups

From the accompanying book, “The character in this card is turning away from the known landscape; dressed in a travel cloak, she is setting off toward a new, more challenging horizon.” The essence of the 8 of Cups is captured within this card. 

So, how is G feeling about the relationship. Of course, he is searching for something different. He carries within the fiber of his cloak all his experiences. G is hoping that the relationship with D will bring something different and not the same ol’ same ol’. The problem with this card is that G is still seeking even though he is with D. When doing a Celtic Cross layout you refer to the Crossing card often for clues. G will work at this relationship but to what degree?  The outcome card should provide an answer. But first let’s look at the OTHERS spot because there could be more information on how D is looking at the relationship. 

OTHERS: 7 of Cups

The Linestrider image shows a woman surrounded by pieces of sharp glass which pierce illusion. I must say this deck is quite intriguing if you take the time to study the images on the cards and read what Siolo has to say about her artwork.  In the RWS deck, we see cups filled with a bunch of different dreams/illusions. Within the Linestrider is a solution to the dilemma of this cards meaning. I really like this card.

What does this say about D’s attitude about the relationship with G (man getting reading)? I feel there are high hopes for this person as well. Looks like both these people have battle scars from previous same ol’ same ol’ relationships. It is important that D doesn’t put G on a pedestal (illusion). 

And finally, the very last card in the layout. All the cards need to be studied in the layout. I picked cards at random but I think I have a good grip of the bottom line of this reading.

OUTCOME:  4 of Swords

I must admit at first I did not see the sleeping lion in the image. I saw a woman beside a long cross wearing a floral bonnet with the snake (or is it?) on her forehead. Siolo states in her book that rest is necessary for growth (flowers) and that the lion does rest intensely. The key to this card is rest after struggle/challenge.  

After I go through the reading I always study the question.  Will G’s relationship work out with D.

I‘m not getting bells and whistles for this relationship but I do think it will satisfy both people on an emotional level (9 of Cups in the Coming spot).  Both of these individuals have hunted for relationships and now it is time to recharge their batteries. Perhaps, it’s best not to put too much pressure on each other and provide ample space so that they can heal in order to grow together.  What do you think?

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