Comparing Lenormand Lady with the Zigeuner Sweetheart

Here are some simple observations between the two cards representing the female from two different but similar systems. You can read these cards simply to represent the woman getting the reading or the significant other. You may assign other genders to them, however, these days artists include two women cards (& two men cards). For the objective of today’s post I will use the traditional associations.

Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten Sweetheart

Lenormand Lady

Short forms used: LL- Lenormand Lady  ZS – Ziguener Wahrsagekarten Sweetheart.

The LL is a finely dressed woman. She appears to be walking in the Piatnik deck. She’s on the move. Her hair is held back by fashionable scarf.

The ZS sits awkwardly on a stone bench. Looks like she is waiting for someone. She could be on display as well. Her hair is plainly tied back. She looks downwards 

Of the two women the LL is more confident in appearance but the ZS would likely be a better confidant.

The ZS would be the submissive type and take her lead from a main man in her life. the LL is more independent and unlikely to be the tamed type.

You have to remember that the adjoining (neighbouring) card will enhance or take away from her core personality something we don’t know for positive. It helps to have an active imagination. Now, many of you may be saying. the ZS and LL are just the female significators nothing more and nothing less. 

I, for one, receive insights from the actual imagery in the cards as I do with the Tarot deck. Wasn’t that the whole idea by Waite to illustrate the card meanings via Smith’s drawings.  See historical reference article by Robert M Place.

Symbolism is important. 

With the Lenormand cards the Lady has been drawn in hundreds of ways. To the best of my knowledge, the Zigeuner Sweetheart card stays true to the original version. this really chance the significance of these two cards- NO. They still represent females – the one getting reading or the wife, lover, girlfriend, partner, lady friend. If you take it further you can add other female roles.

The LL has more experience than the ZS insofar as the “bedroom adventures”. The LL also enjoys intimate connections. For the ZS it is a duty. Now, some of this could be all about the ‘traditional viewpoint’ we are talking about. 

Reverie Lenormand. Ciro M.