Reviewing the Tarot Death card in various layout positions…

5 card ADVICE Layout

Let’s take a look at the Tarot Death card in the positions of the 5 card Advice layout.

I am going to use Key 13 for this example.

Illustrations of 1910 Rider Deck are public domain

Before we continue with the study of the Death card in all the positions I want to explain that we are looking at the Death card’s possible meanings in relation to the question. Many times, the card actually reflects the topic/theme. For this reason, I have stated a specific question so that the meanings of the Death card can be narrowed down to fit the topic. Looks easy enough but when you are dealing with the Major Arcana the entire process is on another level than the ordinary/everyday Minor Arcana influences. 

Many readers see the Death card as and ending with the hope of a beginning. It is often viewed as a transition card. Other meanings: change, the past, separation, unavoidable influence, destiny, re-birth, and so on. What does the Death card mean to you?

Question for the cards: Will Ellen’s course syllabus be approved by a local college? She want to teach a part-time evening course in how to develop your psychic awareness?

BASIS: This position reveals the background to the question. In other words, why is Ellen asking the question or seeking the card consultation.

The Death card in the position speaks about a topic that Ellen wants to introduce as a course. The topic has never been offered at the local college. It would add a change in relation to the other courses offered under the category of self-interest. The energy of the card is saying Ellen wants to tread into an area which has not been offered before. This topic will introduce a change in the mainstream topics offered so far at the local college. 

WHAT YOU KNOW:  This position will provide more information on what  Ellen recognizes or is aware of in connection to the question.

Ellen knows her part-time course syllabus will bring change especially to the students who are interested in this topic. It will also help individuals to release past stigmas connected to the development of psychic awareness. She believes in it is her calling to teach this subject. Ellen is touching on a topic which could be studied by a large array of individuals no matter what their beliefs systems are at the current time.

WHAT YOU ARE NOT SEEING: Here you will find a situation or person that is being neglected, overlooked or not recognized by Ellen. Often, the card falling in this spot will point out an area of the situation which should be addressed or will come up in the near future.

Ellen needs to know that she might face a challenge with the acceptance of her part-time course syllabus. The college will have to be open to this topic of developing psychic awareness being taught. According to Ellen’s research such topics have been turned down before. She is up against some powerful energy (1+3=4, The Emperor) and yet if we remember that change is one of the meanings of this card Ellen can be successful. On the other hand, if the Emperor’s energy is what is not seen then Ellen is in good command of this situation.

ADVICE TO FOLLOW: This spot suggests what Ellen should or should not do in relation to the question or situation/person.  This position holds an important role as it can lead to the outcome or result. One thing to note is that if the result is not desired, card 4 will provide clues on how to overcome or alter the outcome within reason. As we know, there are some things which are part of our fate/destiny/karma or rooted in our thought processes. When a negative attitude exists there is a good chance the situation will manifest accordingly. Careful study is necessary of the last two cards in this layout.

So what is the advice of the Death card?  As a stand alone influence in this position, Ellen must hold on to the hope which is within this card. She needs to continue  believing she can make a difference in people’s lives by teaching this course. 

RESULT: The answer will appear in the last spot. Is this the answer Ellen wants? If not, you need to tap into card 4’s advice. If card 4 leads Ellen to an unfavourable result then it is best she becomes aware of this influence or at the very least prepared. Many situations which produces unfavourable results can be a blessing in disguise. I am not including health related situations in this because you should seek proper professional advice in such things. However, if you ask about the results of a medical test that’s a little different. It’s similar to asking about a driving test or a school test. It is important to study the topic/theme of the question as well.

As a stand alone influence, the Death card does show a possible rejection. After all this card is about an ending. There is a glimmer of hope that the course syllabus is accepted because one of the other meanings for this card is change. Ellen’s topic of study is unlike any that are currently available as a part-time course.  Yes, a rebirthing process is a very good possibility. This, rebirthing process, if often seen as a  controversial process but when you start developing your psychic awareness you can heal old negative tapes. Perhaps, the college has old negative tapes connected to this topic and will release them. 

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