How to read the Misfortune card in a 5 card layout…

Ever wondered what the words “zigeuner” and “wahrasgekarten” translate to in English?

ZIGEUNER – german for Gypsy

WAHRSAGEKARTEN –wahr- true, sage- say, karten- maps or cards. In other words, true speaking cards.

The Zigeuner Misfortune card usually provokes a negative reaction when seen in a layout. But what does it really mean? Yes, there are standard meanings associated with this card which can be reviewed at the following post link ——> Misfortune card posts. 

Art Deco Misfortune

Disgrazia Sibilla Misfortune






What if the House card is involved?  One possible combination meaning is firefighters, paramedics or first responders. If police are involved which they usually are the Officer should be close by. I wouldn’t jump to this conclusion right off the bat until I scrutinized the remaining cards and I studied the question asked if one was asked. The last thing you want to do is be aCassandra prophetesspredicting doom and gloom. These cards tend to have overtones of dramatization that dates back a few centuries. I remember getting a reading from a street “gypsy” reader back in ’70 or ’71 and the showmanship was awesome. Mind you everything she said came true. She had read my Lenormand as well and was spot on. Like for instance when I return to Canada I will meet a fair haired man and marry within a year. That is exactly what happened. If memory serves me correct she was pointing to the Rider card.

In continuation….some occurrence will develop involving one’s place of residence although if you have another property other than your home it could be that place. Often it means a quarrelsome atmosphere where one person is a victim of some sort of abuse. I could list a dozen or so possibilities for this combo but you need the other cards in the layout to firm it up.

Someone could fall out of a tree and get hurt. This is an emergency. Someone could fall down the stairs or in the shower.  Mishaps like this happen all the time.  If the WIDOW card is close by it could suggest an elderly woman is involved. She could even be in a nursing home.

Both of these cards give the feeling of being hard to reach. There is no clear road to the house. There is no clear path to rescue the woman/child (flames in the way).  There is a sense of urgency. I did a 5 card layout shown below to demonstrate how I would read the cards. As many of you know I tend to read left to right as this is the way I was taught by the old “gypsy” woman. If I feel I need to focus on the center card I do but this is not my first choice of reading.  I wrote over ten years ago when I started this blog that Lenormand is read in sentences so (my view only) it makes sense to start at the beginning of the sentence. Different strokes for different folks. Read the cards according to your own intuition.

The layout includes cards which could very well fall whether a question is asked or not. Let’s suppose a woman came for a reading wanting to do how does the next month look. The deck I used is a rare version which is numbered. I was gifted with this deck as well as an accompanying booklet with some notes (written in Croatian) that I have translated since I have a reasonable understanding of this language. (I am Slovenian born)  

Numbered Ziguener Wahrsagekarten

The cards are:  Journey+Widow+Misfortune+House+Sweetheart.  The Gift card was next from the deck so I placed it on top of the discarded pile to use if need be…and so I did.

Note: The Sweetheart card is last and this represents the woman getting the reading.

My first instinct was that what fell behind her probably already happened but since she wanted to know about the next month I will read it as such.

With the Journey card opening the layout you sense movement right away. This card is not slow eneregy – it is fast. So, this means things will pick up over the next month. Does it involve travel? Not necessarily. Even before I begin the reading I scan the cards. What this means is that I look at them all and wait to see if a prediction via intuition has been established. It’s so much easier when this happens but this is not the case all the time. You do have to work with the cards to extract meanings/themes which makes sense. 

The Journey card is heading towards the Widow card. We know from this an older woman will be involved in the client’s life over the next month. The Misfortune card is ahead of her. Did you notice she is not looking at it. This could mean she is might be blind sighted by the Misfortune card’s influence. A situation will occur that will put her into a state of panic. Something will occur that involves her home. The House card defines the atmosphere of activity.  Will someone come to her rescue?

One way to look at these cards is that the older woman may need the help or support of the Sweetheart. This could be the woman’s mother/grandmother/mother-in-law etc. There could be an important situation around the home. I would not come out and say that is so many words but I would caution the woman getting the reading that she will be involved in an emergency situation. Who knows the Sweetheart might live with her mother.

At this point, you need to ask your client some questions not to pump the client for information but to gain a better understanding of the potential circumstances being revealed by the cards.

Much will fall on the Sweetheart’s shoulders as she ends the layout. She will have unexpected responsibilities surrounding the home. With the Gift card as a contributing card it might suggest all is not as urgent as it seems at first.  Let’s look at the Gift card a little closer.

What is a gift? A contribution, a donation, an offering, something given or received usually with no strings attached. It can be a skill or talent.

As you can see, in the Zigeuner card the symbols of materialism are seen in the image. Consisting of a table with a jewelry box, book, vase with rose, candles etc. In the background is a large open fan and drapery on the other side of the card.ziggiftjpg.jpg

This card is THE ACT of GIVING and RECEIVING. It is a physical token of appreciation. (The card can suggest act of lovemaking when next to the LOVE card) when asking a romantically inclined question.

Represents a talent – on any level when used as a personality description.

The GIFT card shows possibilities of generosity. A person may not have discovered their own treasures as seen in the almost closed jewelry box.

Sometimes gifts are not welcome depending on the intention of the giver. If their negative energy is all over an item given to you, it is important to “clear” it or you may take on that energy without realizing it. People do not consciously give gifts to hurt other people. 

How will this card play out in the reading? I want to read it as this entire probable situation that is about to unfold will be a blessing in disguise.

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