A look at the Art Deco fortune-telling deck PRISON card


Art Deco fortune-telling card Prison

The image shows a man in a prison uniform sitting passively on a bench inside a small room. The window in the background has bars on it. The number #17 may or may not mean anything significant.

When this card comes up in a reading it will forewarn of a constricting situation. If it lies above the Sweetheart card a some sort of layout and you are a female the suggestion is loneliness. To the left of the Sweetheart will indicate the past and whatever the situation was, it is probably passing slowly. Many times it will reveal involvement in a circumstance that can be labeled as a “rut”. To the right of the Sweetheart -a time is coming up shortly where feelings of helplessness will be felt regarding a person or situation.

If you are a male, then the lady you are interested in feels too controlled by the relationship. If you are a male and there is no special lady then the PRISON card will depict that it will be quite some time before you begin a relationship. Your chances are limited or within certain boundaries. Or maybe “she” is taken.

The man in the image looks sorry for what he did. Or perhaps he is innocent and thinking about when he will be released. When you apply this to everyday life it can mean that your hands are tied in a certain matter & there is nothing you can do but wait.

There is an underlying psychological influence within this card as well – our belief system. Are we living within limits because we think that we cannot do any better so we just settle? Do we wait for others to pass judgement on us or hope they give us permission to pursue what we want?

As a fortune-telling card it would basically mean that there is a catch. There are strings to the outcome or result of the question. There is a trade-off – a price to pay.

I think that what I hear this card saying is that your value system could be in jeopardy.

The PRISON card takes on a whole different meaning when next to the THIEF, ENEMY or LOSS cards. There can actually be some petty criminal activity going on. With the JUDGE, ECCLESIASTIC, OFFICER nearby there is a very could chance of a court related scenario. Study the cards surrounding the PRISON to see what you come up with.

In my experience I had found this card to represent a structured organization with strict procedures or policies. If you are wondering if you will like your new job and this cards shows up…guess again. There will be lack of creative freedom and mostly likely the hours involved will be regimented. Very little time off.

When the PRISON card is next to MALADY (illness) it will suggest an actual medical clinic or hospital. When this card is beside the PARTY it will indicate an art gallery or museum. Often it is a concert, too.

As a spiritual card I can see that one of the lessons involved would be freedom of expression, letting your true essence to emerge and to release the control of the personality (ego).

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