Visiting the Shustah cards for an answer

I haven’t done a Pages of Shustah post for some time. Lately, I am trying to avoid the computer as much as I can to no avail. I find that my eyes really get irritated from staring at the monitor even though I have the brightness set lower. I tried wearing sunglasses but not didn’t go over well. Wish I could tell Siri what to write. 🙂

I have heard of so many marriages taking place this year especially couples who have been together for years and years. 

The layout above is the answer to the following question:

Will Miss X and Mr Y get married this year?

(I wrote a recent post using the Robin Wood Tarot in the Celtic Cross asking the same question.)

I wasn’t too thrilled to see the red Angel as the result but let’s study the cards to see what they say.

As the Premise card the green Path card suggests off into the distance. As you know the cards provide information based on the circumstances at the time of shuffle plus the intention at the time of shuffle. Taking that into consideration perhaps this couple is thinking more into the future for one reason or another. 

The green Path card suggests not to plan too far ahead. You can see this from the image. The open road is there but the end of it is not visible….goes into darkness. Time will tell. The bottom line is short-term planning is the root of this question which doesn’t say much about the longevity of the marriage if it takes place. There is always that hope the road will be clearer as time goes on. This card does have green energy suggesting developments or progress.

The Blue Angel add to this question. This card is about the summer time. It is also a card of success. There is a magical energy working on the wedding question from up above. So, I don’t see this card as a problem, however, if one or both people involved are looking for a magical solution to this question then it is a problem. They need to commit and plan. Blue energy is benign in that it is not harmful. But, the final card wraps up this reading. 

The Red Angel  has her back towards the future.  She is listening to the Blue Angel but doesn’t care about its message.  This card indicates a break down of some sort. It also suggests going it alone as does the Queen of Swords in the Robin Wood Tarot Celtic cross post about this question. That is not the answer we want to see in the outcome spot. One other interesting point is that the couple may have lost interest in getting married. Within this card is the message of being patient. Red cards present obstacles and disappointments. The road ahead is not smooth. I don’t get a definite yes for this marriage to take place and if it does it might be because it’s all planned out already. 

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