Asking Symbolon about migraines

Before I begin interpreting today’s reading using the Symbolon deck I want to mention that there could be a minor underlying health concern with the client’s question. The reason I am asking the cards is for spiritual guidance. As some of you know different areas of the body have a deeper significance.

A long time client contact me regarding her issues with migraines which have recently developed. She wanted to know if her body was sending her a non health related message as well.

Question: Why is Veronica experiencing migraines.
Problem: Golden Girl Page 66
Way through problem: Ailing King Page 50
Outcome: Battle Page 47

I have quoted what is stated for each card in the various positions from the LWB. 
Here are my thoughts on the reading.
PROBLEM: The Golden Girl card states, “Deep down you feel inferior. You suffer from low self-esteem because you think someone either makes you appear plain and inadequate or that this is how you really are. Both suggest you get hung up on making comparisons (competition), something that can only make you lose in the long-term. As long as you try to increase your self-esteem by appearing attractive, you will remain a prisoner on the plane of self-portrayal — in essence, you don’t believe in yourself. You feel inferior.”
The root of Veronica’s condition is that she is dealing with self-esteem issues. She needs to ask herself why she is feeling inadequate in some area. This seems to be the root of many problem’s for individuals.
A connection with mind (girl with book) and heart (girl with hand across heart chakra) is suggested. One must not forget that migraines come from intense stress and other times from an actual health problem. But we are not asking a health related question.
WAY THROUGH THE PROBLEM: The Ailing King card states, “This hails the arrival of everyday life for your ego. Your days have the same grey and colourless tone. You go through a phase which demands resilience and adjustment.”
Veronica needs to change her approach to life. Did you notice the rain in the window?  This reflects Veronica’s state of mind. Obviously, rest is needed and self-love. She needs to take care of her health on various levels but also to have a healthier approach to life.
OUTCOME: The Battle card states, “You have discovered that an outside enemy is only ever a reflection of an inner persona and a part of yourself. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should not take up arms when need be: it’s up to you to decide whether or not to fight.
This suggests that Veronica needs to fight the problem issue which is all about self-worth. There is some inner work required to help her relax and find peace of mind.  Whatever is troubling her whether she is aware of it consciously or not is affecting her physically.
If you look closely at this card you will see that the two warriors mirror each other = internal battle. Is she overthinking something? In order to overcome this situation to some degree Veronica needs to address unresolved anger issues as well. 
Her opponent is the migraines and that is a very real situation. There is no smooth and easy solution so she needs to take the bull by the horn and do what is necessary to alleviate this physical experience.  

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