Sometimes you just want the Tarot to tell you what you should know…

Sometimes, I just reach for my Tarot when I want straight answers that have a little more depth to them without having to read them like sentences. Each Tarot card contains a whole story. When the Celtic Cross layout is used the story of the Tarot card is confined to the meaning of the position. But that’s ok especially if that is how I want to read the Tarot cards at the time of shuffle. I know many of you do this method and a lot of you don’t anymore.

When the Tarot speaks to you it will do so no matter what position it falls in – it has a message or guidance for you. The fact that the Tarot speaks to you from a pre-destined environment should enhance your findings and not hinder them. 

I like asking the Tarot the following question:

What is it I should know at this time?

Of course, I might have a hundred things on my mind while shuffling but I trust the Tarot to provide the guidance which is in my highest good. It is also a good exercise in narrowing down what cards are pinpointing at the time of shuffle. This is usually clear in the very first card. 

Since I had the Robin Wood Tarot on hand from the last reading I will use it. Besides, it’s seen a lot of action over the years but not as much as my original Rider deck from the early 70’s. 🙂

5 OF SWORDS: This is one doozy of a card.  Where am I in the card. The defeated ones or the conquerer? This card is telling me to revisit a situation from the past. The 9 of Swords sitting beneath the 5 of Swords is suggesting some restless nights and worry. Yup, I can relate to that and sometimes silly things keep me awake.

The EMPEROR sits firmly on top of this bratty person in 5 of Swords. Is something out of my control? Or is this Major Arcana telling me to get a handle on some situation.  By not worrying (negative emotions) about it and using my common sense I can overcome it. The red pants suggest a call to action on some matter and the beard implies experience or wisdom. I would have read this as my father but he has passed away. 😦 Dad advised me many times. Half the time I didn’t even need to ask him …he just knew.

Looking at the 6 of Cups I can see that I might be thinking a lot about the past to a time that was much more simple and naive. I get the feeling from this card that perhaps I long to capture more playfulness. When I study the 9 of Wands as the possible future it appears that I will stand my ground in the face of some challenges. I’m not about to roll over that easily even though the image depicts an overwhelming situation.

In the pending future position sits the Knight of Pentacles. This is a standstill energy with not much progress. This could be good in one way because there won’t be any chaotic changes like with the Tower card. Or the other hand it could be frustrating as well. 

The 8 of Pentacles shows me working at something or trying to finish it. Not much new with that one. 🙂 Pentacles are the physical realm. Next, we have the wonderful Sun card in the Other’s spot. I always read the Sun card as a yes answer. Given it falls here I’m going to read it as encouragement from others.

My good friend the Queen of Swords is visiting my layout. Gawd I hate her sometimes. She is a constant reminder of the hard knocks in life. At the same time I admire her tough spirit. 

The final card tells me in so many words to stop jumping to conclusions. Plus, a little tough love (Queen of Swords) is needed. Obviously, there is a huge decision awaiting me. I really don’t know what this could be.

The last card could mean my direction/path will change and I will need to hold my ground (9 of Wands) by looking at some routines (Knight of Pentacles) to see where adjustments need to be made. Only then will I experience the re-birthing process of the Judgement card. The Emperor’s energy will kick me in the butt if I go astray. 🙂

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