Asking Mystical Kipper cards about staying on a 3 month diet.

Seeker of the cards wants to know if she will be successful in staying on her diet for the next 3 months. Jane began a diet at the beginning of June with the objective of losing weight. She has a goal in mind. The reading isn’t so much about losing the exact amount of weight she is aiming for but if she will be able to stick to the diet program. Sometimes you do not lose the pounds predicted for various reasons. The body loses for a few weeks and then levels off and then continues to lose but at a slower pace. 

I decided to use the Mystical Kipper in a 5 card layout. I tend to read left (opening card) to right (ending with last cards with the outcome) but there are not many of you who not practice this technique. So, I will use the middle card as the focal energy to get this reading started. Isn’t that an awesome card purse. It holds two smaller decks and has a zipper to close each side. I can offer a similar one on Etsy if anyone is interested.

Just one quick reminder when there is a specific question you choose the level of the card that pertains to the aura of the question.  As an art teacher once told me it’s all about perspective. 

Mystical Kipper- Regula Elizabeth Fiechter

The cards are:

32 Grief & Adversity. 26 Great Happiness. 27 Unexpected Money. 1 Main Person. 10 Journey.

Ok let’s look at the middle card #27 Unexpected Money.

What in this card would be associated to the diet question? In the image you see a man working his field. There is a chest of coins on the logs. There are two implications within the card. One of manual labor with the hint of money to be made (chest of coins). In the background is an angel casting some magical dust on the land behind the ‘farmer’. The man does look surprised seeing the chest of coins – element of surprise, the unexpected. I think the English title of this card leads you to believe money comes ‘unexpectedly’.

If this is the focal card then Jane might surprise herself by staying on the diet. But is that what this card is really predicting?

Ciro Marchetti calls this called Unexpected Income. 

Ok, let’s look at the opening card #32 Grief and Adversity.

Here we see a man in deep thought. He looks downtrodden. With glass in hand he sips on some brandy or liquor. Notice the woman in the background to his right. She holds a chalice filled with red wine. She is an angel. Is it the same angel as in the middle card? Is the angel watching over him from a distance? The dog is sitting there with tongue hanging out.  Dogs represent a level of loyalty.

Jane could be depressed for some reason or looking at this diet as something almost impossible to achieve. Jane may not be happy about this diet and it is not clear (unknown to me) why she is on this diet. The next card is quite positive so it looks like Jane will find the strength to endure this process.

#26 Great Happiness

What a wonderful card to follow the Grief and Adversity card. It shows Jane will overcome any challenges and be quite pleased with her progress -the ability to stay on the diet.  Look!  more angels in the image. The fair-haired maiden is releasing the bounty of multi coloured flowers. This energy is all about love. This card always delivers a happy outcome to questions unless of course, it is surrounded by real negative cards following it…..and even then those negative cards can be minimized in influence.

What this card is telling Jane is that there is hope and confidence in face of adversity (challenge of staying on the diet). She can do it!

We have covered the middle card so the next card is # 1 Main Man.

Wonder who this card represents?  The fact that this card showed up in the 5 card layout and it does not represent the person getting the reading signifies a time frame (soon) according to the LWB.  Also, cards behind him represent the past and cards ahead of him (#10 Journey) is the potential future. This could be Jane’s husband. It could also be her physician or the person who put her on this diet program. 

Looks like Jane will need the support of another individual more than likely a male, however, one has to wonder just how much support she will get as he has his back on the cards representing her situation. Is there another situation on Jane’s mind not just staying on this diet. 

And lastly, #10 Journey.

This card should summarize or answer the question. If this is her husband is he planning a trip? The Main Person is looking at this card. What does this have to do with anything? Is Jane worried about this for some reason? This card is about movement as in advancing in some way. This means achievement to some degree. Does this apply to the diet?  In some ways it does because the ship can represent the actual weight loss as a goal. There is a certain amount of momentum in diets. Up and down and levelling.  She is prepared (man with packed suitcases). She will stick to it (dog beside man).

I think Jane will reach a certain amount of success over the next 3 months. I don’t think she will reach her goal insofar as amount of weight loss. 

How would you read these cards in relation to this question?

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