Update on Vintage Lenormand reading.

I posed a question about an event in the March 30th post.
If you click the image you will be redirected to the post in length.

Here is the question I asked. Question: Will the event manifest within the 8 week time frame?

At the time when I pulled the cards the date had not been set by the organizer. The event took place yesterday May 13th which is within the 8 weeks of the date of the question.

In my original post part of what I stated is below….. 

Lily + Tree could depicts an illness or health setback which wouldn’t be a surprise especially at this time of year. I did state a minimum for the group as it would take us over an hour to drive there. So, it looks like something might come up and the time frame might not be suitable for this event.

Setting the date required many emails back and forth to the attendees. Many more people wanted to attend the group reading and were put on a waiting list as I capped the number of people I felt I could read. I tend to read psychically as well and that is something I cannot just turn off. I’m given those insights to tell the individual. If I keep it to myself then I am not being of complete service to the person (IMHO).  A couple of people did back out due to illness and another couple of people on the waiting list took their spot. 

The Mountain card shows some obstacles but not around me as far as I can tell. It would be around the group. Scheduling such an event that involves are larger group of people isn’t always that easy for the organizer.

I had no major obstacles, however, friends of ours arrived from Sydney, Australia a few days ago. The plan was to get together on the date of this event (yesterday). Alternate plans were made with the friends.

I realized that after the second person there was no way I could keep on schedule if I followed the original plan of a palmistry overview + card reading. I don’t know about you but I find it challenging to pull off a 15 minute party reading. I certainly would not stop the reading midstream and when a general overview is given there are lots of topics to cover. As it turned out some readings were 30-40 minutes per person. I decided that I would take a picture of the palms of those who wanted the overview and would email them a report rather than do it at the event.  The event was time sensitive as the group had plans to attend another function right after the designated time allotted. So the original four hours stretched into 5 1/2 hours. 🙂 

After some tweaking on my part, yesterday’s event was a complete success. It ran a little than anticipated but everyone was happy and that’s the main thing. 

I used the mini Middia Lenormand cards & lay cloth for this event and it was a perfect fit for the card table supplied by the hostess. Mind you I brought 6 other decks as I chose the appropriate cards according to the energy I pick up from the individual. It was totally a Lenormand cards group reading except for one additional question which I posed to the Pages of Shustah deck.

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