About the Scientific Palmistry system by Shenn Thomas

I’ve been studying the Scientific Palmistry system © 2007 created by Shenn Thomas. He is currently teaching his method in my Palmistry group on FB.  If you would like to join please follow the link ➡ Palmistry & Card Group. Shenn’s cards/booklet set is available at his Etsy shop ➡ SaintSatori. He also has beautiful laser engraved jewelry/card boxes plus more. Etsy is free to join.

In the set:

There are 78 cards. Each card has 6 features with meanings that are covered in each section of Palmistry. The cards are categorized under the 18 Keys to Scientific Palm reading. 

Shenn spent over 10 years researching and created a data base to include universal features and meanings of Palmistry. He obtained this information from 20+ popular palmistry books most likely ranging over the past one hundred years. This information is agreed upon by palmistry experts worldwide. Shenn then proceeded to create his system which included groupings (18 Keys) of information for ease of learning.

18 Keys 

Key 01 Hand Size and Structure- Cards 1-4 24 *features and their meanings* (*applies* to all Keys).
Key 02 Hand Type and Class- Cards 5-8 24 
Key 03 Finger Cast-off and Spacing- Cards 9-12 24 
Key 04 The Mounts of the Palm- Cards 13-20 48  
Key 05 Thumb Type and Structure- Cards 21-24 24     and so on       
Key 06 Jupiter Finger Traits
Key 07 Saturn Finger Traits
Key 08 Apollo Finger Traits
Key 09 Mercury Finger Traits
Key 10 The Life Line
Key 11 The Head Line
Key 12 The Heart Line
Key 13 The Destiny or Fate Line
Key 14 The Minor Lines
Key 15 Palmar Angles
Key 16 Finding Love and Romance in the Hand
Key 17 Finding Career and Success in the Hand
Key 18 Health Traits of the Hand.

The 68 page booklet is quite detailed. You have everything you need to learn at your fingertips. 

I studied the features on my hand and located the appropriate Key write-up in the booklet. Then I pulled the cards connected to the Key and read the information.  The illustrations in the booklet are a valuable resource as well.

Here’s an example: KEY 7: The Saturn Finger

Cards 29, 30, 31 and 32 contain information about the Saturn finger features and meanings. 

Here is some information shared by Shenn in our group & I quote with his permission.  

“The Finger of Saturn is given the role of supervisor, and Grand Arbiter, judging between our conflicting thoughts and inner struggles. If the Saturn finger is overly long, then the person tends to be Melancholic, Depressed, Morbid, always thinking of dark thoughts..If the Saturn finger is normal.. then the person has a serious side and this serious outlook is there as a balance and reality check. If the finger of Saturn is short, then the person has little sense of responsibility or accountability for his or her actions.

If the tip phalange is long, this makes Spiritual matters and ideas the focus of their worries..if short, the person is critical of everything in life.. if the middle phalange is long, the idea of loyalty and devotion to family and society comes first, if short the worries about social expectations are little. If the base phalange is long then the persons serious intentions are focused on gathering wealth, a miserly retched person. if short the ethics and social rules outweigh one’s own personal material desires.”

The Scientific Palmistry system  saves you lots of time of sifting through hundreds of palmistry books trying to retain information to memory. It’s all here, in the cards and in the booklet. In no time you will remember…after practice, practice, practice. Recommended for the student beginning on this learning journey and equally recommended for those who have an understanding of Palmistry/Hand analysis. 


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