Asking the Fin de siecle Kipper featuring the Celtic cross layout

Featuring the Fin de siècle Kipper Fortune Telling Deck by Ciro Marchetti ©2016 in the traditional 10 card Celtic Cross. I stopped using a Significator card many years ago. One of the reasons is because I felt it was significant to see where the it may fall in the Celtic Cross positions. 

Even though the Kipper cards are not used in this type of layout I felt that enough information could be discovered when combining the Kipper card meaning in the assigned position. It would be similar to reading the card in the House of the GT layout.  The position meanings of the Celtic Cross do not change as the House positions of the GT do not change. The card passing through brings the energy into the position/House and we as readers determine how it plays out. From an Astrological view the transiting planet passes through the Zodiac House which can create challenges or blessings. 

Some read the cards ahead (facing) of the Significator card as the future and the cards behind as the past. I tend to stay pretty consistent and read the left card (Passing position) as past when the Significator happens to fall in spot #1 as it did in the layout below. Now, if this Main Person card fell as card 10 the Outcome I would read the Significator as the woman turning her back (or unaware of her involvement) on the advice of the layout.

The Celtic Cross below is  from Eden Gray’s (Mastering the Tarot) method from the ’70’s which differs slightly from Waite’s version.  Eileen Connolly used the same method of laying the cards in her book and there is a detailed description of the positions in the back of the handbook. 

Ok, a little background to the question for the Kipper cards involves a middle-aged woman who has undertaken the task of writing a how to book on crochet. For several years, she has saved tips and techniques she learned through trial and error. She feels others will benefit from all her experience.
Marie wants to know if her eBook would be well received by the crochet community and by others who are learning how to crochet. 

These stunning cards look a tad dark. I got such a glare from the light that I turned it off and took the pic.

Amazing, the Main Female sits in position #1 which reflects what covers the question. Marie is the Main Female. This spot should reveal what Marie is experiencing about her question. Looks like she is vital to the success of this Ebook.

Position #2: Crosses you. Here we find the Thoughts card. This card shows Marie is thinking too much about this project. There is not much action. Plans and ideas are not moving quickly.

Position #3: Basis of situation. This spot reveals why Marie is really asking the question. The False Person card could mean she is fooling herself in some way. Is she working against herself for some reason. Often people are insecure and do not realize their talents. The woman hides behind the fan in the image.  Is Marie withholding something?

Position #4: Behind you.  The energy of the Distant Horizons card is in a passing stage. This card is near the False Person suggesting Marie’s idea could just be a fantasy (wishful thinking). Also known as the Hope card.  Meanings of the traditional Kipper cards see —>Stella Waldvogel’s blog. She is also a contributor of meanings in the LWB which is included with the Fin de siècle Kipper deck.

Position #5: Crowns you.  The Poverty card is not part of the original Kipper cards.  This spot reveals what could unfold in the future. Since this is a more negative card I would encourage Marie to research the topic further. She should stop worrying about whether the crochet community will receive her Ebook with open arms. It’s not always that easy. Marie needs to market and promote her book prior to publishing to gain some visibility in such communities. The Poverty card could be all about her self image as an expert and writer.

Given the Thoughts card crosses her Main Female card I would advise she just do it.

Position #6: Before you. As a rule I put a time frame on this position. I gauge it by Behind you experience. For example, if the passing influence was at play for 3 months then I would read the Change card as within 3 months. In this case, Marie has been writing/editing the draft for a couple of years. I would read the Change card as up to a year or so. This card does speak of movement. The man in the Thoughts card is looking right at it. Marie knows she needs to change her attitude towards writing this Ebook.

She will be moving forward over the next year. She will make progress and by the looks of it the idea of this book will no longer just be ‘all in her head’.

The Staff of the Celtic Cross layout

#7: You. I like to read this spot as the attitude of the person getting the reading. The Journey card depicts movement as well. Marie will survive the changes shown in position #6. She will come full circle with this entire project.

#8: Others: The Lovers card speaks of the crochet community and any other support in completing this book. Love is in the air from others.

#9. Hopes/Fears: In Tarot readings, I read the card both as a hope and as a fear. With the Kipper I’m not so sure this would apply. She may be wishing for help from someone that has experience with such projects. Sometimes what we hope for is what we fear as well. The Mature Man has showed up in the layout so the help will be there.

#10. Outcome: This spot should be the answer. If the mindset of the #5 card (Poverty) is not overcome Marie will be looking at a long road ahead. The Pathway card is also known as Long Road. Interestingly, it has a time frame of about two years. This fits the time frame I have assigned to the Before you #6 spot.

Back to the question.   It is obvious that Marie needs to work on herself a little more before she can publish the Ebook from a pure intention. Publishing a book to get approval or acceptance is not a good reason. In my view, you should  publish your ideas because you are passionate about them. Most importantly your ideas should be genuine. Marie’s tips and techniques through her own trial and error experiences can be a starting point. If I were her I’d include free patterns as well. She needs to remember that there are umpteen youTube videos on this topic. Some people prefer vids to reading.

Marie needs to lose the negative attitude which is what is slowing down her progress. She needs to value her project and get the wheels in motion by implementing some changes to the content of the Ebook.


4 thoughts on “Asking the Fin de siecle Kipper featuring the Celtic cross layout

  1. An interesting use of the Kipper cards. While not at all a standard or traditional layout, I can see many being comfortable with this as a “bridge” into learning Kipper since they are comfortable with this format/spread. Thanks for thinking outside of the box!

    • Thank you Hugh for your comment. I do push the envelope in cartomancy. Right now I’m amused at the Lenormand card reversals. I have used them for years, however, the card community strongly objects to this view, lol. When I look at various systems I honour their tradition but one should (IMHO) explore outside of that tradition because that is how you develop a personal bond with the cards. For me, it was an adjustment to learn the Tarot but with the great teachings of BOTA I soon developed a Tarot understanding which is slightly different than gipsy cards (which I learned in the late 1960’s). I still think reading cards is just that reading cards. It is a transferrable skills (changing gears, lol). Seaqueen

  2. I’m learning a lot from what you’ve written. I couldn’t help but wonder what reversed Lenormand would mean. Would you consider writing a post with your findings so far? It would be awesome.

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I can write a post on reversals but they would be my own findings from experience. The Lenormand is traditionally read upright but I like to test these concepts. Seaqueen

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