Lenormand Lily, Tree, Park and clarification Mountain card

Featuring the Mini Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver. I use this deck often because of the size and because I enjoy the images. It is very easy to do a full board (GT) layout on a smaller space like a TV tray. In the image, the cards are laid out on an authentic miniature Turkish woven carpet. I was thinking about an event I was asked to do which involves palmistry and card readings for a group of gals. Scheduling is always challenging on weekends.

Question: Will the event manifest within the 8 week time frame?

I picked three cards as well as a clarification card.  I don’t always pick a clarification card but in this case I wanted to know more about the Park/Garden card. I tend to read left to right. I know many Lenormand card practitioners take the middle card as a focal energy. It’s up to the reader to find their own style of reading.

The opening card of the layout is the Lily card. This card can mean many different things. I see it as a harmonious energy. It can be a relative to the family. Often it is an older man. There are other meanings which are not suitable for my question.

The Tree card often has health connections but it can also be a healthy attitude towards a situation. I see a past reference within this card as well. Also, some nurturing is needed. What I mean by this is that tending to the details on a regular basis would be helpful.

The Garden card or Park as I like to call it is about a social situation. It could represent a group of people involved.  I don’t see a concise answer for the time frame question.

The Mountain card shows some obstacles but not around me as far as I can tell. It would be around the group. Scheduling such an event that involves are larger group of people isn’t always that easy for the organizer.

Lily + Tree could depicts an illness or health setback which wouldn’t be a surprise especially at this time of year. I did state a minimum for the group as it would take us over an hour to drive there. So, it looks like something might come up and the time frame might not be suitable for this event.

I will post my findings as soon as I find out by the organizer of this event. This way we can further study the cards to see how they fit to the actual real life development of this situation.

3 thoughts on “Lenormand Lily, Tree, Park and clarification Mountain card

  1. If I am reading this correctly, your question that is, isn’t it stated in a yes/no format? If so, while the Mountain shows delays/blocks/obstacles to this question, the other three cards are of positive nature and I would view them as a Yes. Interested in the follow-up posting to see how this plays out.

  2. The Mountain – delays, obstacles etc – The Garden – I take it as being the venue. It could mean a few things; the date may not suit everyone, some one of the party may not be able to go – illness – a change of plans etc. However, my eye was drawn to the 8 of spades on bottom left of Garden card, and the 8 of clubs on bottom left of Mountain card !!!!! The Mountain card is number 21 – 3 weeks. I can’t help but think the numbers are relevant especially as the question asked referred to numbers, i.e. 8 weeks. A 3 week delay, or 3 weeks of uncertainty etc – with the 8 on both cards, maybe delays etc are overcome – spades not great, clubs not bad – leaves me to thinking whatever the glitch, all turns out ok in the end,
    Like Hugh, I’m looking forward to hearing how it plays out.

    • Hello: Just a quick feedback. The group event has been established. When I get further details I will add them to the beginning of the post. Thanks for your comment and insights. Seaqueen

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