Introducing the 6 card Solution layout featuring Lenormand & Gipsy cards

Today’s post will feature the 6 card Solution layout I created specifically for the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (other Sibilla style decks) and the Lenormand cards.

The layout has assigned positions. If you follow the diagram above you can see how to lay out the cards. The main objective of the Solution layout is to delve into a situation for guidance. 

  • #1 Card reveals a bit about what lead up to the problem or some aspects of the question.
  • #2 Card shows the situation now.
  • #3 Card suggest what you need to learn about this situation. Sometimes, the lesson is not even part of the situation/problem. It could be a recurring issue.
  • #4 Cards suggests what they (person or circumstance involved) need to learn about this situation. 
  • #5 Card will provide the solution to the problem or question asked.
  • #6 Card will reveal the overall result.

The image below shows the Hungarian Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten. I did an overlay with the Vintage Lenormand (by Rootweaver) cards as well for those of you who are interested in that deck as well.

Let’s study the gipsy cards and see what they advise. Background: A couple has an opportunity to go to Florida (time share cottage). His wife is reluctant in accompanying him due to some health reasons. Her question: Will her husband go to Florida without her?

#1. Past. It never ceases to amaze me when cards show up that actually reflect the topic of the question. JOURNEY: This card clearly points to the opportunity to travel.

#2. Situation. THOUGHT: Here she is thinking about this trip but more so about her husband’s intention to travel.  The wife might have even gotten some information about her health concerns and is mulling over it.

#3. Your Lesson. LOVER: Her husband’s card has shown up. Part of her lesson is a test involving him but we know that already. What I think the cards are saying is she needs to look at just how important his wants/needs are regarding this trip.  Often, couples will appease each other.  Will she, though? Her health concerns of quite minor.

#4. Their Lesson. JEALOUSY: Her husband’s lesson is about possessiveness. He could actually be envious of her if she stays home. Maybe he doesn’t trust her. 

#5. Solution.  SWEETHEART: Interesting! She holds the solution. This situation is all up to her. If she decides to decline the travel opportunity she best be prepared for his decision. The question is why does she even want to know if her husband will go to Florida. Doesn’t she want him to be happy? (Lover in her Lesson spot)

#6. Result. GIFT: Another interesting card and it is all about giving and receiving. It is not a clear yes or no answer. Since the Result card is an extension of the Solution card the advice is for her to reconsider her hesitancy to travel. 

Let’s see what the Lenormand overlay reveals….

  1. The Anchor card is all about stability but it can show the wife is experiencing some stuck energy insofar as travelling.
  2. The Moon card shows her feelings are overshadowing this opportunity.
  3. Her lesson is to take a more mature approach to this situation. (Child)
  4. His lesson is to seize this opportunity and perhaps go for a shorter time than planned. Clover is about a short time not a long time.
  5. The Lily card provides the Solution. It all depends on how you read this card’s energy to be able to extract an answer. I think the wife should contribute to the harmony between her and her husband by reconsidering this trip.  Keep things pleasant. But, that is not the original question but it will definitely affect the result. Maintaining a mature approach is best. (Child is the lesson for her)
  6. The Lenormand Result card is the Tree.  🙂 Well, we did say she had some minor health concerns. This card is not giving a yes or no answer either. I see it as a card of the past as well. She needs to revisit this situation.  

The cards are strongly suggesting that it’s not all about the opportunity to travel. It’s about her connectivity with her husband. The Gipsy cards were talking about give and take. The Lenormand are telling her not be so selfish.  Both of these decks are hinting at the ‘real issue’ and not so much about whether he will travel without her.  What do you think?


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