How to read short 5 x 3 + 3 GT with overlay

There are times when you want to use all the 36 Lenormand cards but not necessarily in the typical GT’s like 9×4, 8×4+4 or 6×6 layouts.

The mini or short GT initially uses 18 cards. (36 ÷ 2 = 18) A lot depends on whether or not the Significators appear. If both do as can be seen in image #1, you could go ahead and read the GT because it is obvious the two Significators are involved in a mutual situation.  In this method, you would add an overlay of the remaining 18 cards as seen in image #2. 

Before I continue I want to point that for simplicity’s sake I am using the bottom 3 card as the Issue at Hand. Here you will find an important issue or situation. You can also find answers to questions you may have been thinking about at the time of shuffle. 

Image #1. Both Significators

Image #1. Both Significators

ISSUE AT HAND:  Cross Key Ship.  This couple is trying to resolve a situation pertaining to travel. 

Both Significators look at each other. This suggests they are on same wavelength like being mutually involved with situations surrounding them. Both are involved with the Tree card’s influence and the Rider card’s influence. The Lady is looking at Bear/Rider which could suggest some news is coming regarding money, an older person, or just a powerful message. Ahead of her lies Tower/Heart. This indicates a short separation from an emotional situation.  The Heart card is in a pretty good position and surrounded by more positive cards than negative.

Behind the Gentleman lies the Anchor card representing his job. It could also indicate he is of stable personality.  He faces Tree/Whip/Sun.  This could be a health issue causing some stress but the Sun reassures all will work out. Also, all the influences of rows 2 & 3 affect him as well.

The Lady in stepping into the Bouquet’s pleasant influence. This card took a beating from the Mouse/Snake influence but the Mouse has done some damage control on the Snake’s influence.  The rest of the cards in that row Park/Fish suggest an outing to a public event with the King of Diamonds man.

The analysis above is just basic. You can probably see other things too. In fact, there are several other possibilities.

The image below shows the overlay of the remaining 18 cards. 

Image #2. With 18 card overlay

Image #2. With 18 card overlay

The best way to read the overlay is to blend this additional energy to the card beneath it much like reading Houses.

For example: The Birds card (owl in image top left) is bringing  some nervous energy to the stable energy of the Anchor card.  Also, it could be further conversation about work.

Another example: The Mountain card sits on the Lady. This means she is blocked and probably cannot see the reality of some situations around here. She has a big problem to overcome.

Another example: The Clouds card (bottom 3 cards) sits on the Ship suggesting some real confusion around travel. The dark side of clouds face to the right. This means further approaching uncertainly and lack of clarity.

One more example: The Scythe card sits on the Bear indicating the Bear’s power will be tested. The news or message will have an unexpected element to it. It might be connected to the Anchor/Birds combo.

And so on. It takes some time to study the GT whether it is short or a full board. There are so many possibilities which can be discovered with study. There are many stories within these 36 cards.

At some point, I will demonstrate how to read the short GT when only one Significator shows up. Of course, one never knows if any of them will show up in the first 18 cards. If they don’t, you know they will be in the overlay.  


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