How to read playing cards in the Inquiry layout.

Instructions for the Inquiry layout ➡ click here.

For those of you that use Regina Russell’s meanings from the Card Readers Handbook you may find this layout helpful. Even if you use another system of playing cards the Inquiry layout will should provide you with a decent reading.


I did not select a Significator card so it will be interesting to see which card falls in the #1 spot. This card will be combined with #2 Topic of Focus. The first card will represent the person getting the reading but in a different way than an actual Court card. As you can see I write a bit and then I shuffle the cards, lay them out, take a picture, crop the image and upload it to the post. Then, I continue writing.

This reading is the continuation of G’s situation detailed in the Do-Don’t Do reading two posts ago. As a reminder it is about a decision received in a legal document regarding a work situation.  I asked the cards if the decision will be changed, postponed or altered in any way within 7 days.


Note: updates added Nov 21/16

1 Significator Card: Since I did not select a Court Card the card falling here will describe something about G (female getting the reading).  QUEEN OF CUPS – This card describes a female member of the family. Generally, it also represents a woman being read. One aspect of this card is that G is very emotional at this time because of the decision. 

Note: two Queens together can represent sisters or a meeting with another female in a professional setting.

2 Topic of Focus: This card will reveal more information about this document or even an intended plan of action by G. QUEEN OF DIAMONDS – This Queen is in the financial world. She will have experience in money matters. Since this is the Topic of Focus position in the layout this Queen will be someone that G will be speaking to regarding this legal document.  (update: G did get advice from a lawyer fitting this card’s description)

The Now and Outcome Trio of cards is closely linked to the Topic of Focus card. The Now suits ♣♣suggest there is some strong communication (hard work) going on regarding a financial situation. The Outcome suits ♠♠ clearly point to a major block to the emotional fulfillment of those conversations regarding this problem.

Now trio: Cards 3, 4, 5 above the Significator card will reveal the energy surrounding Card #2 Topic of Focus.


10♣ – It is important to choose the meaning which fits into the question/situation because most cards have many meanings.  This card represents a business deal or small business. Of course, it also means a journey but this not applicable in this scenario.

9♣ – This card suggest good luck and yes it is a journey card as well more by road than the 10 ♣ by water. I will use the meaning of ‘distance’ for this card as it makes the most sense.

8♦ – This card fits in very nicely as it depicts one’s budget. It can also represent someone who is a good planner. 

What these three cards are saying is that G will be seeking advice on how to handle her future money situation caused by the recent decision. This is the now energy but we want to know about the future of this situation. If you had no background to this case these three cards do reflect accurately what is going on.

update: (a time frame is involved – distance 9♣). G had x amount of days to respond to the legal letter she received. The main conversation was about x amount of dollars owed to her.

Outcome trio: Cards 6, 7, 8 below the Significator will provide guidance related to Card #2 Topic of Focus. 

(no updates on the following as it is too early for feedback)


6♥Not liking the looks of these cards at all. We begin the trio with what I like to call the gambling card. It also means a love affair which is a gamble in itself. It also depicts a son/son-in-law, brother, male friend or Karmic relationship.  None of the latter applies. So, I am using the ‘gamble’ part of this card. Why? It’s a gamble to challenge a legal decision which is what G is doing.

2♠ – This card is about separation. To a certain degree there are some serious misunderstandings coming up. It’s a card of force due to being victimized. 

4♠ – Generally, this card is about illness. No doubt this will take its toll on G.  But, the original situation did revolve around a health issue. The energy is this card is slow. It warns G to take it easy and not get herself all upset. 

The double ♠’s are not promising. The decision made might stand. The gamble to pursue challenging this decision will fall on deaf ears. No one is interested in doing anything about it. G will become totally exhausted by this whole process. I’m thinking that maybe the Q is a lawyer or legal ‘work’ representative and perhaps she is advising that the gamble is a real risk in regards to this decision. The odds of winning is unlikely,

2 thoughts on “How to read playing cards in the Inquiry layout.

  1. Obrigada por compartilhar!
    Há algum tempo venho pensando neste layout e hoje para minha grata surpresa vejo no seu site. Vou jogá-lo com cartas ciganas. Paz e luz.

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