introducing Guided Pet Messages Oracle by guest blogger Kelly Isara

Guided Pet Messages Oracle

From the Artist:

The Pet Oracle deck was created to offer us guidance on how to understand our pets’ needs and wants. The messages from the cards will reveal on how we can help them in more intuitive conscious ways.
One important example is when they need more assistance with their health. Another example is on how they feel about us going away. How do our pet(s) feel about other pets in the home? What do they need from us emotionally? 
It can often be hard to interpret or to know what our pets need. As healers and as people more sensitive to pets needs we are more attuned to them. Even though we are ‘receptive’ to them we can still get confused when it comes to our own pets, When we can learn what they need we can offer more love, support and wellbeing in their daily life.
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Below is the spread for a client who wanted to know about their recently deceased pet dog. This is the message and cards that came up.
QUESTION: I pulled cards from my new pet oracle deck. I asked what does pet want you to know.
Sensitive The message on the card is very different to the guided message I received. He is sensitive to you. You are sensitive to each other. This is a positive thing that helped your relationship and especially at the end.
So he was saying he appreciated your sensitivity.
Spirit animal– This card simply says he is with you in spirit and he loves you.
This is so.
Buddy This is his permission to client saying it may be time to think about – a new furry buddy.
A new furry love in the client’s life will help.  It may not be a dog. It could be a cat or other furry friend. So let the angels help you feel guided with that.
I do feel you may not be ready right now but certainly within at least 6 months or sooner.  A little one will find its way into your home and heart.
I see this will actually help you with the transition  and deal more of with your feelings. No one is saying to move on from pet. He is saying it might help make it easier on you. He is giving his permission and blessing.
And then i asked how is he feeling? 
I pulled
Goodbye and Outdoors – I felt a strong feeling of like happy in heaven, playing, feeling good in sunshine and  that he is saying goodbye. He had to move on for his soul evolving. I am seeing his spirit and soul evolve but his spirit of love is with you always.
Added messages :
He will show you love when you are outside walking local streets where you have walked with him. Also, when you are out in nature the fairies can connect and show you. He has been an animal many many lifetimes and worked hard in many of those lives. He understands that was part of his soul agreement.
I can also see he has not always been a dog.  He was a horse a few lifetimes also. helping humans by his work and effort in his soul journeys.
He also assisted other animals to understand humans. His life with you was most happiest and most relaxed. He knows his soul is tired and in transition right now. He is a wise and evolved soul who understands humans and nature.
Blessings Kelly Isara
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➡  Thank you Kelly for a fantastic article. Much success with the Guided Pet Messages Oracle as well as the other decks in your shop. This adorable deck is perfect addition to your collection of decks.

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