3 card Do – Don’t Do layout – Symbolon deck

NOTE: Card 1 is the issue or circumstance. Card 2 is on the left and is the Don’t Do card. Card 3 is on the right and is the Do card

The 3 card Do – Don’t Do layout information can be found —–> click for post here.


I thought I would try out this simple 3 card layout featuring the SYMBOLON cards by Peter Orban, Ingrid Zinnel and Thea Weller. 

My question for the cards is on behalf of a close friend. She (G) left a message on my land line that she received legal papers surrounding her last job. G is not sure what to do. Should she seek legal advice or  just accept the decision. 

As a review:

  • Card 1 represents the Situation. The card falling here will reveal what energy surrounds the question about the legal document.
  • Card 2 represents the Do spot. This position will hold important guidance in relation to the document.
  • Card 3 represents the Don’t Do advice. This card will show what G should not do regarding any further action on her part. 

As many of you know the Symbolon cards have three levels of interpretations which can be explored in their original 3 card layout (LWB). In order to study the layout of today’s post careful study is needed of the Symbolon card falling in the above positions.

They are:

  • The Problem
  • The Way through the Problem
  • The Outcome

Here is the reading.


SITUATION: The STOCKS card is indeed an uncanny reflection of what is going on.  G could be a victim of some wrongdoing which is implicated in the legal document.  Here lies the advice to perhaps go public on this situation. That would mean getting other agencies involved that would work on behalf of G.

DO: The BLACK MASS card is certainly fitting in this position. It shows that G will not take this sitting down. She believes she has been slighted and will not accept this legal document as final. This is a very strong card suggesting how strongly G believes she is right and that the decision in the legal document is wrong. 

DON’T DO:  The INCOMPATIBILITY card points out that G is bent on her view/opinion in this matter. This card is advising her to loosen up a bit and to listen to the other side of the story in this situation. She needs to hear on what grounds the decision was made. I think what this card is saying is that G should not fight this on her own. Looks like she will need another point of view/mediator.

This reading did not address when the decision would be overturned. This deck and this layout is not about a yes or no answer. It is about the process getting to the yes or no answer. 

A very informative little layout with the impressive Symbolon system. 


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