tips to read the 21 card Romany layout with the Gipsy cards. part 2/2

tips to read the 21 card Romany layout with the Gipsy cards. part 1/2


In continuation …

SURPRISE COLUMN: Officer/Some Money/Love

The woman getting the reading may not be aware that there is a secret admirer (Officer) who feels some (Some Money) emotions (Love) for her. This situation will be brought out into the open but not all of it (money on the table). There is a potential for a friendship/relationship. Cupid is aiming but doesn’t have an arrow in the bow yet. He may have already shot it into the air but it is unlikely. I read the Officer as another man, of course, it can represent a situation of an official nature. 

Some cartomancers read Officer as work which could fit here since the Some Money card follows which depicts a wage or something earned. When followed by the Love card it would be some work they really enjoy doing. Maybe the woman will get a job.  🙂 

The above are two very real possible scenarios.

3 MONTHS COLUMN: Falsehood/Message/Gift

One never likes seeing the Falsehood cards but it is there as a warning about a situation or person.  When coupled with the Message card you can bet that the news is probably a lie or half truth. The trio ends with the Gift card which can be something as simple as a ‘loose’ bribe. In other words the real intention is hidden. If the Gift card is the act of giving then whatever you are getting is false. Perhaps, the offer of a job isn’t what it appears. At the same time, if she gets involved with another man she will be in for a big surprise because he is all wrong for her. Note: Officer and Falseness are side by side.

6-9 MONTHS COLUMN: Constancy/Widower/Fortune

Looks like not much will change in the coming months. It would be a gradual process. The Widower suggests that she will try to hold on to the same old same old but eventually embrace the goodness of the Fortune card. She will be happy again and come out of her grieving process. She is nursing some hurts and grieving over them but the last card is such a wonderful energy that the woman will overcome things.

As a reminder: Today’s reading is for a woman (Sweetheart Significator). She has not been happy in her long-term relationship (Lover Significator) and wondered why the standstill (not much excitement). 

The Sweetheart card did not show up. She is placing everyone else ahead of herself. She is aware she is unhappy but this awareness is from a distance. I doubt the woman will go through with the affair. If it is the opportunity for a part-time job she will regain her confidence. Through all of that, I think she will discover that her partner has been supportive (Widower) all along and her happiness is with him.

One thought on “tips to read the 21 card Romany layout with the Gipsy cards. part 2/2

  1. Great spread, and analysis! I love your website and all the wisdom you share about these cards. While very popular in central and western Europe, the English speaking world knows little about them. Thanks again, and hows that book coming along?

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