tips to read the 21 card Romany layout with the Gipsy cards. part 1/2

I wrote a detailed post on this 21 card layout ➡ HERE using the Lenormand cards. I thought it would be interesting to explore the possibilities with the 1986 Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy) deck. Usually, the Romany layout is 7 x 3 cards without designated columns, however, the rows are often past, present and future. As a review:


  • Column 1 (left side) – you.
  • Column 2– situation.
  • Column 3- Opportunity or Challenges. Similar to the crossing card in the Tarot celtic cross layout.
  • Column 4- Expected. The Now.
  • Column 5– Surprise (the unexpected).
  • Column 6– time frame of 3 months (you can adjust this).
  • Column 7– time frame 6-9 months (you can adjust this)


  • The TOP row is the PAST.  
  • The MIDDLE row is the PRESENT/CURRENT. 
  • The BOTTOM row is the FUTURE. 

Today’s reading is for a woman (Sweetheart Significator). She has not been happy in her long term relationship (Lover Significator) and wondered why the standstill (not much excitement). Let’s see what the cards say about that. I have not shuffled the cards yet so we won’t know if both Significator cards will appear within the 21 cards. It is important to notice where they fall. 

Other than fitting the card meanings into the designated column meanings each column has a past, present and future card. Let me explain that train of thought. It is similar to subject card + verb card + completer card but the latter is not always the case. Reading cards top to bottom means you read top, middle and bottom cards to arrive at a prediction. We don’t use the center card as a focus in this style of reading the Gipsy cards. 

You have the option of reading the past, present and future rows from left to right which is the ‘traditional’ way. The past row will set the mood or foundation of the reading. This is followed by the present/current row. Here you find out what’s being done about the situations of the past (how it is unfolding). The future row will show results, reactions and probably outcomes. 


By clicking the above image you can zoom into the cards. I will talk about the card meanings, the columns and how to put it all together (art of interpretation).

YOU COLUMN: Journey/Lover/Sadness

Let’s begin with the fact that the Sweetheart did not appear in this reading but the Lover did. The woman getting the reading is not actively (emotionally) involved with many things in her life. The Lover sits in the ‘You’ column suggesting he is very much on her mind.  We start with the Journey card and read forward. This card applies to the woman since it in the You spot. She could also be thinking about some distancing from her partner (Lover) which is causing her some unsettled emotions (Sadness) thereby contributing to her unhappiness. She might just want to get away (Journey) from him (Lover) but will still remain unhappy (Sadness).

It is helpful to read the card in relation to the question posed .

SITUATION: Widow/Money/Anger

These three cards show she feels very much alone (Widow) and could be struggling with finances (Money). The situation is annoying (Anger) her. Maybe her partner is in control of the household finances and they argue about them. She certainly hasn’t had an easy time (Widow).


As the opportunity trio, a message of dedication will arrive. This message suggests that infidelity is probably not an issue. These cards are positive so they should not pose a challenge. Looks like the woman may be engaging in a conversation with someone who has more experience in these types of situations. If in fact, the relationship is at a stalemate this couple needs to socialize more.

As a challenge trio, these cards can hint at information being brought out into the open. 


NOW: Desire/Judge/Merriment

The woman’s hope and wishes are tied up with a decision to recover happiness within the relationship. The Desire card suggests the woman is hoping but not really doing anything about her situation. She doesn’t see the seriousness (Judge+Merriment) of the actual problem.

continued in Part 2

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