Reading the playing cards in Regina Russell’s 6 card layout

Today, I thought I’d throw the playing cards for a question posed to me by a sensitive 35-year-old man. He was a little concerned about some test results and wondered if all will be good. There is no real reason the test results wouldn’t be good. It was just a routine test which was part of his over all physical he gets every two years.

Some of you may not be familiar with Regina Russell’s meanings from the Card Reader’s Handbook so I will briefly write about them. The layout consists only of 6 cards. It is detailed in her handbook. She calls it the Marriage layout but this layout is excellent for all questions.

I am using the Baralho de cartas Impermeaveis Portugal deck. I am not even sure who the manufacturer is because there are no marking. The name translates to Playing Cards Raincoats. I thought maybe that meant plastic coated. Maybe one of you could translate “Impermeaveis” and that would be great. 


Well, we have a couple of ♠ ‘s starting off the reading. There are two hearts in a very good spot. The reading ends in a well-meaning . There are two 9’s but not together but the energy of those two cards is still quite strong. There are two court cards. D is for Queen. R is for King. The King of Hearts is often used for the man getting the reading or the Significant other.

Look at the Queen closed in by the *two 9’s.  This is definitely affecting the woman represented by the D♣. In Regina’s handbook she assigns different parts of the body to the pip cards should you want to use those meanings. I rarely use those meanings for others. I may think about them when doing personal readings.

The first two cards should expand on the question. It is the reason the question is asked. Simple as that. The 9♠ and 6♠ belong to the least pleasant suit. The 9♠ is a card of upset. It is also a card suggesting little control surrounding the question. That makes sense because the results are out of his control. They are coming. The 6♠ is often used as a fate card. It is also a card of endings. Within this card is ‘moving’ energy. One needs to remember the question when interpreting cards. So, what do these two cards suggest. The way I want to read this duo is the concern/upset shall pass.

Next, we read the last column. Here we have the 9 and the King .  The card in the bottom right corner is considered important in the over all reading. It is a court card. It is the man’s Significator card. Since it is coupled with the wish card I feel his wishes will come true about the results. Whatever he had hoped for will manifest. Obviously, he is wishing for good results.

Let’s move on to the center column. This is the outcome or answer. The Queen ♣ can be a woman close to him perhaps a friend. She could also be the person telling him the results like a doc’s assistant. I’m thinking it is someone close to him because she is surrounded by the *two 9’s (see above explanation).

The final card 10 usually speaks about financial security. It is a very positive card. The energy of this card suggests satisfaction. There will be a satisfactory outcome.

I do see other possibilities but the objective of this exercise is to answer the question.

UPDATE: October 14.16. Man received test results. All was good with the numbers. Yes, he is very happy. The D♣ (Queen) was his partner who received the information via telephone call. 



4 thoughts on “Reading the playing cards in Regina Russell’s 6 card layout

  1. This is wonderful and very useful. I do have the Regina Russell Card Reader’s Handbook. There’s so much wonderful information, strategy there. So glad you pointed out this lay-out in the book.

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