Asking Clair de Lune Lenormand about fidelity

I thought it would be interesting to combine the Clair de Lune Lenormand © by Ann Tourian with Regina Russell‘s original 6 card Marriage layout.

For those of you who are not familiar with the meanings of the positions —->click here for other posts detailing this layout with various decks.

Woman asking QUESTION: Is so and so faithful in the relationship?


The first column represents why the person is asking the question. What happened in the recent past that created this question. BEAR + HEART

These two cards give the impression of very strong feelings coming from the woman (lady face heart). The Bear card refers to a powerful person in her love life. This column is telling you the woman is asking this question because she is so deeply in love that she feels helpless. (Bear overtakes the Heart).

The second column represents the most likely future outcome. MOON + WOMAN.

Here we have the woman looking back at her feelings (HEART). She cannot see things clearly (MOON). Her imagination (BEAR+MOON) is getting the better of her. We’re not suppose to read cards side by side in the layout but they fit so beautifully that I couldn’t resist, lol. So, what is the outcome to this question? I think so and so is faithful. The card are pointing to the woman’s imagination (MOON). Let’s look at the next column for some more clues.

The third column represents the contributing influence. ANCHOR + MOUSE.

What is the situation or person that lead up to the outcome of this question? One should keep in mind that the very last card (MOUSE) falls in a critical position. Any card here can throw the reading off. Here you will find a card representing hidden energy. 

Our friend the MOUSE is not something you want to find hidden. Mouse eats away at the security (stability in the relationship with so and so) contained within the ANCHOR card. It also eats away at the Woman even though she has her back on it. That’s even worse because she is not consciously (MOON) aware that Mr. Mouse is messing with her emotions. 

I think the woman is suspicious (BEAR=jealousy). It is her fears which are reflected in the cards. MOUSE continues to stuff its face as the woman works through her suspicions (MOON +ANCHOR). She wins.

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