Introducing guest blogger The Card Reader

Angelo – The Card Reader



Born from a psychic mother, Angelo has been drawn as a child to magic and divination. His spiritual journey has involved astral projection, african traditional religions, divination starting with Tarot then Lenormand and Playing Cards, spending some times in the Amazon Jungle to partake to Ayahuasca ceremonies, and working on a daily basis with his Ancestors and celestial spirits. He now has his blog where he shares his passion for Playing Cards readings and where he share videos, articles, books and proposes card readings.

Angelo’s Ebook.

How to read Playing Cards. Step 1: Colors and Suits‘ 

I recommend that you visit The Card Reader’s website for some exceptional articles on the playing cards and much more. Angelo’s tutorial YouTube videos are a valuable asset to those of you that want to learn how to read playing cards. (There are a couple of vids on the 5 card Lenormand layout as well) 
The Card Reader’s method of teaching is straight forward. His love of reading shines through the words he speaks. His style is descriptive and easy to follow.

Introductory video #1

Featured upcoming guest article by The Card Reader.


Stay tuned I will post it in the next day or so.

6 thoughts on “Introducing guest blogger The Card Reader

  1. Ah! Angelo – I love his reading style.Even though I don’t read with a full deck (cue laughter) I still take away a lot of useful insights from his videos and blog posts. Looking forward to his article.

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