What’s the problem layout? Featuring Cigany Kartya by Bucher Katalin

I haven’t quite finished colouring these cards as you can see in the image. I used pencil crayons to give them a softer visual appeal. If I used markers the outlines of the images would not be seen and I felt that would take away from the drawings. 

Sometimes, you know a situation doesn’t feel right. You aren’t certain what is wrong. Normally, I would read these cards left to right without named positions. The first card would be the opening card of focus and the last card the outcome. This is how I was taught to ‘traditionally’ read the Gipsy cards. I think trying different approaches to reading styles can enhance your understanding of the cards. T

The intention of this small 5 card layout is to reveal the problem (center card). The two cards on the left are the background to the problem. Here you will find the past influence leading to the problem or the actual situation (work, money, love, etc.) which is being addressed. The last two cards suggest the probable outcome. The probable outcome is the result to the ‘problem’. I’ll expand on the positions as I interpret the layout.

In the image below, I have identified this Hungarian deck in English.


This reading is for an acquaintance that is at odds with her partner. They haven’t been getting along for the past few weeks. She is not sure what’s going on. Her partner is withdrawn from the relationship. Even if we didn’t know this information the cards clearly point to the reason for the reading. 

Center card: MISFORTUNE

As the problem card, the Misfortune card warns of a serious issue at hand. It suggests the need to do what is necessary to establish the lines of communication with her partner. She is blind to the fact that her relationship is in danger. She can’t take things anymore the way they are and wants to escape from the intensity. Something has to change or all will crumble to the point of no return. She recognizes this (lady is moving away from the flames). A new situation has developed (baby in arms) and she needs to save the relationship. There is hope within this card. 

Background cards: LOVE + MARRIAGE

Gipsy cards never cease to amaze me. These two cards are perfect in this spot because they reveal that the relationship/emotional connection is what is in danger as I mentioned above. The Marriage card is beside the Misfortune card confirming the serious problem with her partner.  These two cards speak of a commitment which is more on the surface (Marriage) without any real depth (Love). The Love card suggest an emotional link but it is in the early stages of love. The Marriage card suggests the bond but it is in name only. In other words, this couple lives together but they aren’t really living ‘together’ because they are unity is missing.

Outcome cards: THIEF + WIDOWER

If things continue with this couple she will lose (Thief) the relationship. She has turned a ‘blind eye’ to the problems for way too long. The Widower indicates that she will pine over it for a very long time. This last card can represent her partner as well. He is in this relationship out of obligation although he feels much has been lost (Thief). The initial love feelings are no longer there. His back is turned away from the relationship on an emotional level. 

So, how can we help this lady?  She does not want to lose him. We look to the problem card for guidance. The Misfortune card advises her to save her relationship. How? By opening her eyes as to the reasons why he is withdrawn from her. The only way to do this is by talking to him. If she doesn’t she will lose the relationship. You can’t force a person to communicate but you can make changes that will encourage communication. So, if she left for a short time he may want to know why and this will get them talking.

It’s funny, how we don’t realize how our own actions affect others in a relationship. This is an urgent matter requiring emergency action (Misfortune).  Action speaks louder than words.

2 thoughts on “What’s the problem layout? Featuring Cigany Kartya by Bucher Katalin

    • Thank you. It is a great deck with good card stock. Front part is not laminated but the back is. It was a gift from a friend who visited Hungary. I have the book as well but my Hungarian is a bit rusty. Let me know if you succeed in getting it. xo

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