The Clair De Lune Lenormand arrives ahead of schedule…

I just had to write another post. I took pictures at different stages of opening a package that I had been anticipating for several weeks. Woohoo, the Clair De Lune Lenormand by Ana Tourian has arrived. One of the reasons I am drawn to this deck is because of the etching technique. My clairaudient self loves it. 

Come and share my experience opening my package.   :).   :).   :).

  1. After ripping the outer packaging apart, I gently took out the inner treasure and lay it on the table. There was a very sweet note on the back of Ana’s business card. Thank you Ana.


2. With scissors in hand I carefully cut one end of the bubble wrap and exposed the tissue wrapped box. Notice the round sticker with the ‘lune’ on the black tissue. It is also on the back of the cards too.


3. Oh my what a pretty blue bow. I love tin containers especially when the deck’s name is on it. At this point, my excitement began to grow even more.


4. I opened the tin container and voilà. I see the shrink wrapped deck and LWB were staring back at me. The deck fits into the tin container quite nicely without worrying about damaging the cards.

5. I like the feel of the cards. Not too thin and not too thick. Shuffling will be smooth with the Clair De Lune Lenormand. They are a little smaller than most of my deck. That is certainly fine with me because they will not take up as much room when I lay out the Grand Tableau.

➡ Most of the images show a brownish cast. The card are a rich black colour. The last image does not do this deck justice at all. It’s better in real life. 

One more really cool thing is that there are 4 Significator cards. 

Available from artist Ana Christina Tourian ——->click here<——-

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