Let’s try the Inquiry layout with the Lenormand cards

For instructions on the Inquiry layout please click the following link. ➡  HERE.

The reading is for a man (#28) that I will call Mr. Baxter. The intention of the Inquiry layout is not to ask a question but for the cards to tell what is important for you to know at the time of shuffle. You can ask the cards to provide an area of focus in different areas of your life. This card  can be a situation you are involved in or it can be an area that you should address. Background: Mr. Baxter is on the verge of selling his company. He had a very good offer recently but remains undecided. He is a highly creative and intuitive man as many self-made business men are. He has a woman partner and is very happy.

When I shuffled the cards I did not ask a specific question. I just concentrated on him (his name). Since I know his current situation the cards will probably pick up on that. 


Card #2: Topic of Focus. THE SNAKE.

The Snake card’s energy is both positive and negative. As a focus card this card points to caution – a potentially deceitful situation. It suggests a tightness in the belly. It can be a warning that Mr. Baxter is experiencing a meandering situation. He needs to tap into the higher level of this card’s meaning. He is to utilize his skills to outwit or outmaneuver a situation around him. He tends to be suspicious but has been clever enough to maintain a very successful company so far. 

The Snake card is definitely a temptation to sell the company.


The Mouse card shows that something is eating away at him. A situation that monopolized his emotions will be lose its momentum. There is a lessening effect because he will regain his optimism and happiness (Sun). In fact, he may gain even more popularity (Bouquet) but is it the affections of another woman (Queen of Spades). 

Something is unfolding to his benefit (Bouquet) which will be much better. He ‘could’ have suffered a big loss (Mouse) but since two very positive cards follow this shows he has recuperated his standing/position. He’ll feel good about his decision.


Another opportunity (Clover) is coming towards him (Rider). It could be a short-term situation but in that there is every chance of growth (Tree). The last card shows expansion. It won’t happen fast but it will occur at a steady pace by applying his own smarts (Snake-focus card). Mr. Baxter will branch out, no doubt, in business because a ‘lucky break’ (Clover) is just around the corner. I doubt he will sell his business. The Tree card can also suggest he will no longer feel all wound up (Snake). He will regain his inner strength especially since the Clover card is coupled with it.

Mr. Baxter has a meeting later today (fri). I will update the post once I hear of his decision.

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