Reading the block of 9 layout. Original Kipper cards.

The deck I am featuring to illustrate the block of 9 layout is the Original Kipper Wahrsagekarten by Spielkartenfabrik Altenburger GmbH. This deck has German names. I will translate them for you.


I removed the Main Lady card prior to shuffling and placed her in the middle of the table. She represents the woman getting the reading who is very real (I’ll call her Susan). Then I proceeded to lay 3 cards above her beginning at the far left so that the center card is above Main Lady. I placed the next card in the 2nd row to her left and the following card to her right. I continued with the bottom 3 cards by placing the next card under the card in the second row. The middle card of the bottom 3 cards lies beneath her and the last card finishes off the block of 9. Easy enough.  

Why did I pre-select he Main Lady? The reading is about her. I could have just as easily shuffled and just laid out 9 cards but she may or may not have shown up. 

How to proceed? Some cartomancers read the corner to establish a point of reference insofar as the essence of the reading. Some cartomancers begin with the above and below cards. Others begin with the middle row and read across. And yet some assign the past to the far left column, the present to the middle column and the future to the right column. You can also read the top row as past and the bottom row as future and the center row as the present. There are no rules for the block of 9. Begin with whatever feels right at the time. You’ll know if you are on the correct wavelength..

I will begin with the card above the Main Lady.  I want to see what’s on her mind or what is sitting on her shoulders so to speak. Here we have Sad News also known called Message of Concern in Ciro Marchetti’s Fin de Siécle Kipper. I will put Ciro’s names of the cards in parenthesis as I get into the reading so  if you have his deck you’ll know which card it is. As always, my blog is my public journal/diary.

According to the Sad News card, Susan is thinking about a situation which could sadden her as the original name suggests. The image indicates she may have been crying. She is holding a hanky. This information is recent so that means it’s not something new coming in that sense. It’s important not to read things into this card until some of the other cards are considered.

Let’s look at the 1st column which is the far left of the Main Lady to figure out what the circumstances are to being this concern. Often, I read the the column behind the Significator card as the past. In this deck, the woman is facing to the right suggesting her future cards are to the right as well. Good Lady (Mature Woman)+ Very Lucky + Work/Occupation. Those cards don’t look that bad. Who is the Good Lady?  

The Mature Woman is depicted as a female member of the family. She sits above the Great Fortune card suggesting just about everything good. The Occupation card suggests the fall season (LWB) which is approaching in a week. When combined with card #26 it can indicate self-employment. I want to read Good Lady as Susan. The two women face each other. Perhaps one in the same. She is mature in age and is thinking hard (working her brain) of starting her own business. Susan is happy (Great Fortune). She could be working on that happiness as well. But, why would she be worried?

The Main lady steps into the Short Illness (Bad Health) card. This is waiting for her fairly soon. It will be a situation she will deal with one way or another. The fact that this card showed up points to a real possibility it could be her health setback or she is worried about someone close to her. Here’s another meaning from the FDSK’s LWB to entertain – s*e*x*. Is Susan having problems in that area somehow. I’m thinking it might if you look at the fact she is looking at the Love card to her right. 

In the last column, is the Grief & Adversity card (Despair) leading the group. It’s all about unhealthy thoughts. Chances are s*e*x* might be part of her concern. Susan might be brooding over a relationship (Good Outcome in Love). This duo reinforces problems on an emotional level. It is connected to the Good Gentleman ending the column. This man (Mature man) is not the Significant other. It is someone else (male member of the family) who likes Susan very much and will help her (31+5) cares for her well-being. 


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