The INQUIRY layout featuring Fin de Siecle Kipper deck. Part 2/2

In continuation of the previous post. 

I am really amused at what the cards are telling me. Usually, I study the cards as I write my blog posts because I am inspired to write about a topic so I go with the flow of my thoughts. The reading is making total sense. It is the dichotomy of my reality. Community and Private life. Many of you may experience this as well depending how deeply you are involved with your outer world.

I am definitely giving this layout a try with the Lenormand cards. I’ve tried it with a few other decks since I created it.  Some readings had specific questions and others had no intended questions. I like the layout and I hope you find it helpful if you do decide to give it a go.  

I do want to mention if you select a question Card #2 (Topic of Focus) will reveal something about your question. If it doesn’t go ahead and read the Now and Outcome trios to make sure. If it still doesn’t make sense that means the cards are guiding you to another area of life which is reflected by Card #2.



The book in the background is Benebell Wen’s  riveting Holistic Tarot.

Moving along… Let’s talk about #29 Imprisonment. This card reminds me of the Art Deco Fortune telling card Prison. Off hand, there are several other sibilla decks with this card as well.

Art Deco fortune telling Prison card

When you apply the Imprisonment card  to every day life it can mean that your hands are tied in a certain matter & there is nothing you can do but wait. Sometimes it’s a self-made restrictive situation. My primary involvement with community is online. That is a limited sphere of activity. My secondary is private consultations with the occasional psychic/spiritual fair. 

This card is coupled with #8 False Person. This energy is unsettling. It can point to a person, the self or some situation. (Does that mean someone has been falsely jailed? Well, it could. And since #7 Message ends the trio I may hear news of this. I sure hope not) Since this upper trio rules the now atmosphere this means the False Person is throwing some uncertain energy around. There is an untruth.  Let me explain.

When there are boundaries within personal relationship one cannot just jump on a plane and pursue your ‘calling’ halfway across the world. It is a mistake to place myself in a restrictive atmosphere. The limitations are preventing me from achieving what it is I want to do community related like teach and mentoring.  It’s a card of telling oneself little white lies which prevent one from achieving what they really want to.  Lots of people brainwash themselves into staying in limiting situations. It’s not always a bad thing. Fame versus staying in the background.

#7 Message. This card is all about news in whatever format is popular these days. The answer will come within- lady looks at letter. Also, the Message card will bring additional information/invitations to test my value system (beliefs on personal relationships). The obvious is False Person being coupled with Message warns to really weigh the pros and cons on any decision I make. 

One must always remember the topic of focus when reading the cards. It is the pivotal card that is either the problem or blessing in a reading.


The Main Man opens the Outcome Trio. This would represent my current partner. Looks like we need to have a heart-to-heart talk (Family Room) about the nature of our lifestyle (House). It’s going to be about what direction I want to take insofar as my involvement with networking (Community) and public appearances.

He is very supportive. I made it very clear on what I do and who I am when we first met.  Unfortunately, I lost both my parents within 4.5 months of each other shortly after we met. I went through a very dark time battling the profound grief I experienced from their deaths. I pulled back from community type involvements. I had to. I needed to pick up the pieces and at the same time I became a first time grandmother against all odds. It sure was a heavy time. Throughout that process my cards provided valuable guidance. 

Family Room:  Within one month (LWB time frame) most will be solved. It’s been an ongoing discussion about a home office or an office out in the community (wellness center). The craft/reading room which has been on hold for a number of years will finally be renovated. Actually, cleaned out, lol. I am a passionate handcrafter and am creating items all the time. My yarn stash is to the ceiling along with my card/book collections. Yes, I think this situation will be resolved now that I will have some more time to actually organize that room.

House: This card points to my partner’s solid standing in my life. This card also has a time frame in the LWB of 6 months.  My question: What is it I should know right now? The Community Card reflects the issue at hand as I have already addressed. The Outcome trio indicates that my partner will be part of the answer since he is surrounded by some very stable cards pointing to our personal relationship (Family Room/House).

Over the next 4 weeks, I will put a plan in motion based on the decision ‘we’ make through a discussion (Message). It will take up to 6 months to materialize. Most likely, it is all about my involvement with community type situations (being of service in readings, workshops, handbooks) and what direction I want to take. All looks good. This is what I show know right now.

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