about the Playing Card Divination and Fortune Telling: The Magi Method by Joseph Magi

Some of you may have read about the Magi Method  (Playing Card Divination and Fortune Telling) by Joseph Magi in February’s issue of the Parapath newsletter. I would like to feature it on my blog for others to read. 


At age 15, Mr. Magi visited his first psychic card reader in Georgetown, Washington, DC. She was very powerful and gifted and predicted every major event in his life. Her predictions are still coming true and bearing fruit. She also told him he was a gifted reader and psychic and offered to train him but the distance was too far and he never availed himself of this great opportunity.

A year before beginning to write this book, Mr. Magi was traveling in Georgetown, Malaysia. There he paused to get out of the rain, stopping in to see a psychic card reader and seer. The elderly Chinese man demanded to see Mr. Magi’s palms stating suspiciously that he had written a book on fortune-telling with playing cards and he was testing him. The seer then shuffled and flipped a very tattered pack of ordinary playing cards, laughed and said, “Oh, this hasn’t happened yet. Come in.” Mr. Magi had never considered fortune-telling with ordinary playing cards until that moment.

Another year would pass before he would begin joining cartomancy and fortune-telling groups on Facebook.

The Magi method of playing card fortune-telling differs from other playing card methods in that we use two packs of ordinary playing cards. On one pack we write the Key Word for each card (Practice Deck) and the other card pack we leave unmarked (Seekers Deck).

Fortune telling with ordinary playing cards is particularly powerful and accurate due to the fact that you are the deck creator. Therefore, the deck used for fortune-telling is very strongly linked to your energy.

Another advantage of Playing Card Cartomancy is its purity. Playing card divination relies first on the energy of the number of the card (1-13 or Ace through King) and next on the energy of the suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades). These two energies then combined in a reading with other cards gives a very deep and layered reading. The Key Words provided for each card resonate with these energies.

The art and science of divination is ancient with roots stretching back all the way to the Magi present at the birth of the savior and deep into the age of the kings before. Many of the greatest persons ever to walk on the earth were diviners and Magi including the prophet Daniel, David son of Jesse, the patriarch Joseph and countless others. The Magi Method harkens back to the power, purity and foundations of this ancient art.

Joseph Magi is the author of the book “Playing Card Divination and Fortune Telling: The Magi Method.” He is also the administrator of the Facebook group by the same name. Joseph Magi lives in Miami, Florida.


We can be found on Facebook at “Playing Card Divination and Fortune Telling The Magi Method.” We have a great group of readers here and growing every day.

The Magi Method is an original system of fortune-telling for use with an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards plus 2 jokers. The Magi Method finds its foundation in the wisdom of the sages beginning with the Magi present during the age of the kings and finding expression with the 3 Magi present at the birth of the savior Jesus Christ. The Magi Method revives the lost wisdom of ages past through playing card divination.

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Joseph Magi came late in life to Cartomancy in all its various forms, Tarot, Lenormand, Gypsy, Playing Cards and others. Fortune Telling with ordinary Playing Cards is his first love.

An example of a reading using the Magi Method



Blue Joker= Karmic Shift * 4c= 4 Leaf Clover * 10h= Cup Overflowing
Jack of spades= Devil

Above is a three-card line spread. The jack of spades is the shadow card appearing at the bottom of the deck after the shuffle representing what is hidden or not yet revealed in this situation.

John age 24 asks: What will happen if break up with my current girlfriend Faith of 8 months and date Tammy the new, hot girl at work?

Karmic Shift is a major change of direction. The appearance of this card here may indicate that this decision has larger ramifications than John yet realizes. John shares that they have discussed marriage and that he loves her and she is exactly the kind of girl he wants to marry, but that he feels like he’s not ready and he’s getting cold feet.

  • 4 Leaf Clover is small, opportunistic luck. In a love reading it can indicate, “getting lucky” sexually.

  • Cup Overflowing is a card of joy and abundance. The ten of hearts can indicate drunkenness or any form of excess.

  • Devil as the shadow card indicates that someone in this situation is acting selfishly and may likely have ulterior motives. The devil in a reading may be someone who is selfish, childish, malicious, envious or representing other negative emotions and traits.

My reading of this short spread for John is that if he breaks up with Faith his current girlfriend this could result in a major course correction in his life. It may result that Faith will move on and find someone else and this relationship may be lost to him. 4 Leaf Clover/ Cup Overflowing/ Devil indicate that his new relationship with Tammy will probably be full of excess, perhaps drunkenness, possible drug use (depends on the seeker) and may be very satisfying sexually with the Devil underlying the spread. However 4 Leaf Clover is very transitory and the Devil is very selfish and often cold or vindictive. It doesn’t look like after the initial start of John’s relationship with Tammy that they will endure or experience an enduring love affair. These cards indicate instead lots of fun, excess and great sex that runs it’s course and leaves John unsatisfied or poorer for the experience.                                                                                                                      by Joseph Magi

6 thoughts on “about the Playing Card Divination and Fortune Telling: The Magi Method by Joseph Magi

  1. Hello Mr. Joseph Magi,
    Last night, for the first time, I listened to your recordings. I was very impressed! Any possibility you could do a card reading for me? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

  2. I watch Joseph videos on youtube today and immediate knew he is gifted. The psychic is correct. And I can appreciate how he come to use the cards in the way he is doing. I would like to ask him a few questions in regards to his video.

  3. Hello
    I am not on face book – but was hoping there is an email address that I could contact Joseph Magi.

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