The INQUIRY layout featuring the Fin de Siècle Kipper deck. Part 1/2

I decided to create a short layout for those times when you don’t know what question to ask of the cards. You may have many questions on your mind and you certainly can focus on a question when shuffling the cards.  The layout is geared more for those times when you just want the cards to tell you what area needs your attention. You probably already know on some level.

The Inquiry Layout consists of 8 cards. Pull the Significator card from the deck of your choice and place it in the #1 spot.  To illustrate this layout I chose Ciro Marchetti’s Fin de Siècle Kipper deck.  If you click the image with the beautiful cards you will be linked to US Games Systems, Inc. where you can purchase the cards. Of course, they are now available on Amazon and via Ciro’s website.

Instructions for layout.

Below is the layout showing you how to lay out the cards. The second card goes off to the side of card #1. In the diagram it is placed horizontally but it goes off to the side of the Significator card. Study this card.

Now trio: Cards 3, 4, 5 above the Significator card will reveal the energy surrounding Card #2 Topic of Focus. Read these cards individually. Why? Well, you need to have an understanding of the meaning and essence of the card.  Only then can you blend them into a summary or little story.  If you are doing the Inquiry layout on someone other than yourself you may get a flash of intuition. Something outside of the cards’ common meanings may cross your mind. Tell the person. It is guidance from your higher self. You are supposed to share this information. 

Outcome trio: Cards 6, 7, 8 below the Significator will provide guidance related to Card #2 Topic of Focus. Read these card individually as advised above for the Now trio. The same thing applies here insofar as intuitive flashes. Some cartomancers get this and some don’t. Listen to your Inner Voice and share with your client. If reading for yourself, you might be surprised at the guidance you hear. You may all of a sudden solve the problem. The cards are a trigger for such experiences. 


The second image is with the actual cards I selected. This reading is for me. I’ll have to do this post in 2 parts if I don’t completed my own interpretation. 🙂 Sometimes I just want to see what the cards show. The Inquiry layout is perfect for those times. The card which falls in #2 spot over the Significator can reveal an area which is being ignored or overlooked as well.  In this case, the rest of the cards will encourage you to consider that area. Maybe you are involved in a project or some situation which is taking up too much of your time. How is this affecting others? Maybe you don’t know. If that be the case the cards will tell you. I used all 39 cards for the reading below. 

 My question: What is it I should know right now? In other words, is there an area of concern or interest that I should deal with at this current time.


Card #1:  Main Lady to represent me.   Card #2. Community #39.   

The Community card doesn’t surprise me at all. I am actively involved with community type scenarios. Most of them are online with card groups, blogging, readings and so on. This is important to me and it always was because I am of service to many who seek my knowledge and experience.

This is a card of activities outside of the more private realm. Traditionally the Kipper cards are for more personal activities, although in my view things have a way of not remaining so private. 

NOW trio:  Imprisonment. False Person. Message.

And with those alluring cards I will continue in part 2.   🙂      


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