Asking Lenormand a This or That question

Today’s topic is about multiple choice questions.  I selected the Gentleman card because the question involves a man. He is not a husband, significant other or mate. He is a man of importance to the question. The 3 card rows have a defined meaning.

Lenormand. This or That question. Aug 31.16 - 1

Question: Man wants to know whether to go on vacation to Mexico or Jamaica?

The top 3 cards involve the first possible outcome. Mexico


These three cards indicate a brief desire to go to Mexico. The horse faces (Rider) away from the decision card (Path). This might be a clue to say that this destination may not be one. 

The bottom 3 cards involve the other possible outcome. Jamaica


These three card looks more favourable. The Anchor suggests a more solid choice. The Stork card shows the change to this destination because the following card indicates (Bouquet) the man is attracted to Jamaica more so. 

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