How to read the 4 card Reaction Layout featuring De Laurence’s red Tarot cards

For today’s reading I am using De Laurence’s “red deck” Tarot cards. Publishing began around the early (1940’s) 1960’s by The de Laurence Co., Inc. I do believe my deck is one of the original printing. This deck is a little wider than the standard Tarot. It measures at 3″ x 4 3/4″. I was tempted to trim it but it is not one of my regular working decks so I left it as is. There were other colours such as yellow, orange and

The layout I will be featuring is one I created years ago. It contains only four cards. Nice and simple with pre-defined positions. In my earlier posts, I mentioned just shuffling the cards and laying them out according to the diagram below. This layout can be used with any deck of card. 

Seaqueen's 4 card reaction layout
I want to add that you can pre-select a card prior to shuffling to represent the topic of interest for your question. I chose the 9 of Cups – wish card.

More times than not the wish is the question. A 40 something man wants to know if he will publish his book within the next two years. This is his wish.

Let’s look at the cards to see what energy surrounds that wish.

There a no Major Arcana cards in this reading suggesting his wish is pretty much in his owns hands. He cannot count on a magical solution. The Universe will support his intention if he is of pure heart.

Seaqueen's 4 card Reaction Layout reading Aug 24.161. SITUATION- 9 OF CUPS

We have already determined that the situation question is represented by the 9 of Cups.


The passing energy involves a number of hassles he had to endure. The man may have had a lot of interference. A lot of this could be internal conflict. There might be many books written on the same topic that he wants to write on. This is a competitive field. If you put your own personal stamp on your writing you will sell books to those who seek the information you have whether there are hundreds of books on the market or not. 


More struggles ahead. This man will  not clear sighted in the coming months. He will be unable to see the whole picture (town in background) and will experience the entire situation as a burden. The man will need to lessen his load and delegate some aspects of this process. He cannot do this all by himself because he will burn out. 

He might have gotten rid of some people who were trying to help him since the 5 of Wands is the leaving energy. Now, he will find out that perhaps that wasn’t such a good idea.


This knight could represent the man’s mind set. Court cards represent people but they also represent our own level of understanding at the time of shuffle. The last position does answer the question but in a different way. It shows his response to the probable outcome. We can see he is not a happy camper. This hints at an unlikely yes answer to his question.  

If the book was published within two years this position would contain a card of success, positivity or yes energy. The knight is a very unsettled energy. He will be aggressive and most likely angry at the result. This is clear because Knight of Swords faces the reading (10 of Wands+5 of Swords). This man’s ego will roughed up and as a result he will tap into some negative energy/thoughts. He did not plan properly. 

I would not come out and tell him he will fail. I would focus on the 5 and 10 of Wands to help gain some insight to what he is going through with this process/wish. We as readers need to provide guidance on how to best handle readings which may show little success to a question. I think the 10 of Wands says it all. This card reveals a solution as well. Move the wands away from your line of vision (wish). Having a goal is a must but there is work to do to achieve that goal. The Universe will throw more responsibilities his way if he does not change his attitude. 

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